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case bag

  1. D

    Nice Case on Amazon

    I just ordered this case for my Mavic Zoom, not in stock until Later in the week though. The video looked good, plenty of storage
  2. Mad.Flyer

    "Both worlds in one case" project: Mavic+Spark

    Since I own both Mavic and Spark I was looking for neat solution to keep everything in one place. Finally, here it is: DroneGuard by Lowepro, initialy intended to store Bebop drone - now with Mavic, Spark and more ;) Mavic Pro and Spark - AllStars holders by krakow_marcin
  3. heo3480

    Review: 3 useful accessories for your Mavic

    Let's talk DJI Mavic Pro Accessories - Please find my review of 3 accessories for your Mavic Pro Hope you like it and will provide feedback for future products we can look into.
  4. S

    New Polarpro Case for Mavic

    I just came across this case for the mavic on Bestbuy's website. PolarPro - Case for DJI Mavic Drone - Black It looks solid but there is no option to purchase online or pickup in store. I checked Polarpro's website as well and couldn't find it there.
  5. M

    Nice compact bag - US $10 @ Walmart

    Hi Everyone, I know several folks have been looking for good solutions for a carry bag and just thought I'd pass along one that I came across that I'm very happy with. It not only keeps the compact nature of the Mavic, but also has plenty of room for spare batteries, props, and even fits your...