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  1. G

    2nd Video with a bit more flight time under my belt. Would love some feedback.

    Been flying a bit more and trying out some manoeuvres, especially circling around a point of interest, and flying over subjects with camera pointing down 90 degrees. I feel I am making progress and getting braver, although still struggle a bit with lining things up and judging distance from...
  2. Elektrica

    Winter City. Aerial footage of Milan, Italy filmed with DJI Mavic PRO in 4K HD

    Aerial cinematic footage of the City of Milan, Italy. Filmed with DJI Mavic PRO. The video, shot in 4K includes points of interest such as: the Duomo of Milan, La Scala theater, the Park Hyatt Hotel, known for having hosted President Barak Obama during his visit in Italy, as well as other...