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  1. Swampwalker

    Chattanooga, Tn

    I’m moving to Chattanooga, Tn in about two weeks. Are there any drone pilots here that live in or around the Chattanooga area? Would love to find some new friends to fly with while I’m there.
  2. A

    Massive Abandoned Warehouse - 4K

    Please, if you liked the video, DON'T click on my channel and subscribe! ;);)...See I have to do the opposite of promoting my channel which would be to depromote it, ehh?!?! Seriously though, hope you enjoy!
  3. A

    Halloween - Abandoned & Haunted Dam - 4K

    In honor of being Halloween month, would you spend a night here? Let me know some places you'd like to see droned and I'll see if I can make it happen!