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  1. Astrobutch

    My first post(Bracknell -UK)

    I have just got my first drone and took this picture in my local area.. it was cold and wintr but the drone performed’s to many more adventures! Happy New Year! Butch
  2. 2019 Christmas Lights Meridian, Idaho

    2019 Christmas Lights Meridian, Idaho

    Took my drone out to the Village at Meridian and Scentsy campus to capture Christmas lights. Please enjoy and Happy Holidays!
  3. hactick

    Flying through the star on top of the town Christmas Tree..

    First night flight with my Mavic 2 zoom. Couldn't resist trying to get stuck at the top of the tree.
  4. blackomega

    Christmas Winterfest Sailpast

    Hey A holiday tradition in Prince Rupert is the Sailpast. Private and commercial boats are decorated in a Christmas theme and they parade them along the waterfront. And to cap off the night there is a fireworks show. Sadly my video is mostly fireworks as I was enjoying the festivities with my...
  5. V

    A California Christmas

    Hey everyone! I've had my Mavic Air for a month now, and was able to capture some footage during our trip up and down California. Had a blast!
  6. P

    Winter Christmas Cheers 4K - 2min.

    Merry Christmas to everyone! Here's our Christmas Eve celebration filled with food, gifts, Bingo, karaoke and family! I submitted this video to the "Share your country’s Christmas spirit with your DJI device" contest. A like and/or comment there would be very appreciated there! Here's the link...
  7. S

    Christmas video of Santa Sleding Down Moutain In Norway

    Here is a video Me and a friend made in my hometown in Norway. Kinda goofy video but it did have some epic drone shoots. Merry Christmas to you all. Do you have any christmas videos?