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cinematic footage with the mavic pro

  1. T

    2 Pro End of Summer - Cinematic Flight Mavic 2 Pro

    Compilation of flying my Mavic 2 Pro at small water fall, through the forest and on a sunny late summer evening.
  2. H

    First attemt at something cinematic....

    There must be tons of posts like this already....Let me know what you think!
  3. ColoradoBob

    Desert Clouds of Western Colorado

    Shot this with my Mavic set to 3K 3oFPS then rendered down to 1920x1080. It was really windy that day and every time I went for Altitude I got high wind warnings... Almost called it after the first warning but glad I didn't... Picked up a whole lot of confidence in the MP's abilities in the...
  4. heo3480

    Impress your audience with Point of Interest

    I have made this tutorial explaining this cool flight mode. I have included a tip that will help you make even more stunning footage. Impress your audience with awesome footage created by Point of Interest. What way are you using Point of Interest? --
  5. Bigdz

    Cinematic footage with the Mavic Pro

    ...Wanted to take my Mavic Pro to the woods off hwy 9; here in NorCal (sf Bay Area) to see if I can get some footage of the rain soaked trees/creeks. This thing is a blast to fly and after much editing; it renders some decent footage. Oh..before I forget-I purchased it used (3 times flown) on...