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  1. gfields

    DJI Mavic 2 Zoom

    Drone Quadcopter UAV with Optical Zoom Camera 3-Axis Gimbal 4K Video 12MP 1/2.3" CMOS Sensor, up to 48mph, Gray Asking for $1700.00 USD + Shipping and PayPal FEES - Shipping to the USA only Package includes: Mavic 2 Zoom Drone (has never been crashed and is well taken care of) Remote Control...
  2. J

    (SOLD)**DJI GOGGLES** $325 (Shipping Included)

    Selling my DJI goggles because they didn't work with my Mavic Air like I was hoping they would! They have been used one time and then I put them right back into the box so they are essentially brand new! Natively compatible with flagship DJI products, DJI Goggles feature two 1920×1080 displays...
  3. I

    Mavic Pro body only for sale $650

    I have 2 mavic pros and one of them I don't need. This mavic has less than 5 hours of flight time and is next to knew with no sign of use and all original parts. Comes with 1 battery. $650
  4. R

    *SOLD* LIKE NEW MAVIC PRO CONTROLLER - 200€ - Free european shipping

    Hi Guys! After an accident where my Mavic ended up in the sea, i'm now selling the controller to go back to my Parrot for a while, maybe get a spark again when i've saved up. The controller is basically new, been used for a total of 3 sessions. Images below. Price is 200 EUR including shipping...
  5. Haloweenhamster


    in the forum that I used to be a moderator for in the for sale section you had to include; price, location and a picture of the item(s) with a piece of paper with user name and date of posting as proof of access to items for sale to reduce the chance of fraud (selling items that they don't have)...
  6. S

    Drone flew into hill! Can I sell "broken" gimbal/camera unit.

    Hi Everyone, I just returned from a trip to Central Asia and managed to crash my Mavic Pro on the Pamir Highway in Tajikistan. The crash was a bit of a mystery which probably deserves it's own thread but I was following a gradual uphill incline (of around 25 degree) and the drone just flew...
  7. C

    DJI Mavic Pro Controller + Gimbal Cover

    SOLD (well after voicing my complaint DJI accepted them, just need to pay the shipping) Hi Pilots, I just purchased my Mavic Pro and didn't know it came with some of the components.. like a controller and gimbal clear plastic cover. DJI won't accept it back as it's been past 7 days. I paid...