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  1. A

    DJI Mavic Pro group near Grand Rapids MI

    New to drones and would like to find a support group, or better yet others who love to fly their drones. Any groups in Michigan and can contact?
  2. Mavic19963

    Delaware Mavic pilots

    Are there any drone clubs in Delaware? I bought a MP about five months ago and want to get together with other Mavic Pro pilots. Not part 107 certified yet, but that's not priority for me now. I want to learn skills from others personally, not via You Tube (although that's a great resource). I...
  3. ProfPaul

    Buffalo/Niagara, NY, Area DJI Groups?

    Are there any DJI Spark or Mavic (or other DJI) groups in the Buffalo/Niagara area? I would enjoy getting together with fellow DJI flyers. I will return to Lockport, NY, in early December (2017) from Singapore, where I'm currently teaching. I'm bringing a Spark I bought here in Singapore home...