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color cast

  1. P

    Color cast correction on DJI FC7303 - No option but Adobe?

    Hello, I've got a DJI Mini 2, and I've been using it for hobbyist photogrammetry, mapping, and other things. If you know anything about drone photogrammetry, you'll know that it's very sensitive to lighting conditions-- if it's a patchy-clouded and windy day, you're going to have problems due...
  2. brianmatiash

    Blue color cast in outer perimeter of still photos

    Hey there, everyone. I'm new to this forum and a new Mavic Pro owner, as well! I have a question that I'm hoping you can help with. Yesterday, I took my Mavic Pro on a snowshoeing hike near Mt. Saint Helens and flew it for about 45 min. It flew beautifully although I did get a cold temperature...