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color correction

  1. Yaros

    Getting pixelation in sky when adding saturation in DaVinci Resolve 17

    Hello, I have been trying to color grade some footage in DaVinci Resolve, and I get this weird issue where it would pixelate the sky when I increase the saturation, here is an example: Does anyone know how to fix this?
  2. BigglesPippa

    Editing the sky and ground separately makes a big difference - here's how.

    In this short tutorial, we will learn a simple trick that is so easy yet so effective. One of the problems with drones is the reduced dynamic range from the small sensors. Until I came across this technique I always had to compromise between getting the sky how I wanted and getting the ground...
  3. Yaros

    Air 2 Port Adriano, Mallorca - First time using D-Cinelike with Mavic Air 2 and Premiere Pro

    Hello, I made this video first time using D-Cinelike with Mavic Air 2 and then edited in Premiere Pro! Tell me your thoughts about it!
  4. B

    technical transforms for easier colour correction or viewing of flat or log DJI footage

    Hey guys, I am a professional colourist and colour scientist who is also a owner of a Mavic Pro 2 (formerly Mavic Air, formerly Spark ;)) When grading my own footage I always struggled as the transfer curves and the gamut (the fidelity of the colours) are not really mathematically documented...
  5. M

    Mavic Air - Best Color Grade Software for Flat looking footage?

    I have been loving my mavic air after having it for a week or two, but one thing that I am having trouble with is the color grading. I learnt to shoot in D-Cinelike, with a really soft picture profile, Something like 0, -2, -3. Problem is, when I go to color grade, which I thought would be...
  6. J

    Steam train in Finland

    My first try at color correction and upload video to youtube in 4K resolution. I hope feedback for my video and recommendations what I can do better. Recommendations for color grade? How to make interesting video?
  7. R2dTOO

    My First Attempt At Color Correction

    Here's my first attempt at color correction. I know I still have a lot to learn, but YouTube University has been a good teacher so far. Also, I'd love it if you subscribe to my channel. It's brand new, but I plan to upload videos often. I'll subscribe to anyone that subscribes to me. The video...