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compass redundancy switch

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    Compass redundancy switch warning (never seen it before)

    Hi I flew a bunch of times on my s7 but when I first tried my Ipad air 2 while flying in sports mode a error popped up saying "Warning: compass redundancy switch" so I landed DJI chat said to re calibrate IMU and compass. Any idea what happened? I was flying in my backyard open field area like...
  2. H

    Any help pls? / compass redundancy / download data connection lost

    so this happened! Any ideas at all? Checked the onboard footage and when the connection was lost the video went out of focus and started glitching. The mavic didn't regain signal until about 500 ft away. Also I was in sports mode and had a motor warning error before the compass warning happened.
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    Mavic lost video, maps and gps 1500 ft away

    Hi , I was flying in a park today and decided to go over a gorge to do some aerial shots of the road bridge. I flew up over the trees and headed to the gorge, when the mavic got there (around 1500ft away) the maps on my iPhone disappeared and the video feed cut out. On the controller I didn't...