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compatibility issues

  1. C

    Tired of waiting for Mavic 2 support on CrystalSky? Wait no longer!

    So, the official news from DJI is that the US won't see an update for a while. Thus leaving us users in the dust. But I have managed to pull an updated, official, CS APK for DJI Go 4 from their servers and have created a share link for everyone to use. Tap this link with your CrystalSky to...
  2. 51 Drones

    Samsung Galaxy issues anyone else?

    So for about 2 months, I have been having the following issues with DJI Go 4 and my Samsung Galaxy S8+. Anytime I try to toggle some of the settings in under the "gear" icon, they don't work. For example, I toggle the histogram on, then return to main screen, but no histogram. Then I return...