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congested area

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    Newbie drone owner from the UK with a general drone code question.

    Hi guys, As the title says I'm a newbie drone owner (Mavic Mini) from the UK and have a general drone code question. I'm aware of the rules that you cannot fly above 400ft, over large crowds etc but my question is in reference to the flying over/near a "congested" area. I live on the outskirts...
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    Congested area Map ??

    Hi guys. I know its quite simple to measure my distance from nearest congested area using something like google maps or other maps. But is there any app for showing congested area on map? Something like AirMap App or Drone Assist where on map is showing restricted zones of airport areas ect. But...
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    What IS a congested area?

    So had this asked on #mail this week... any ideas?