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  1. Westbrook55

    Happy New Year from Westbrook CT

    I have been lurking for a couple of weeks waiting for the delivery of my new Mavic Mini Fly More. I'm official now - it arrived yesterday! ? Even though I read tons from this forum and watched hours of YouTube drone jocks on everything including first flight/pre-flight checklists, Fly App, wind...
  2. H

    Connecticut checking in...had the Pro for about a month now

    Im still figuring out which frame rate and shooting quality I should be going with. Sometimes I love the slow mo and sometimes I never use it. Im guessing some people might switch up the frame rate or quality while in the air?? This was at 1080 at 60 FPS and edited on Imovie. Im debating on if...
  3. K

    New guy from CT

    Hello from Kenny in Seymour, Connecticut. After a ton of research and a monetary reality check I decided on the Mavic Air - Fly More Combo as the best fit for me and made the purchase. The Mavic Pro Platinum had me intrigued for a while, but with rumors about the Pro 2 coming sometime later...
  4. TreeburnerCT

    Hello from Stratford, Connecticut, USA!

    Hey everyone, my name is Joe and I recently joined this forum since I just picked up a new DJI Mavic Pro as an upgrade to my aging (but still working flawlessly) Quanum Nova quad. I'm 34 years old and am the Operations Director at a nonprofit that works with people with disabilities of all...
  5. Skyler King III

    New Facebook group for Mavic Owners in New England

    There are several DJI and DJI Mavic Groups on Facebook and they seem to very geographically diverse. See: New England DJI Mavic Owners Group This Group will is dedicated to owners (and future owners) of the DJI Mavic series and that are located in New England, USA: Connecticut, Rhode Island...