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connection interference

  1. A

    Flying abroad

    Hi! I recently took my Mavic mini 2 to Antigua from the UK but connection would be lost within around a couple of minutes no matter where on the island I was and no matter the signal but in the UK now it works fine! Has anybody else had problems while using abroad and would it be worth getting a...
  2. T

    Hovering drone attracts birds

    Hi, I had an interesting encounter with the birds: when MM was having poor signal due to the distance and interference, I was lucky enough to click on video recording. Than for some dozen of seconds connection was interrupted, so the drone stopped and hovered... which attracted his flying...
  3. baddog

    Connection issue from controller and drone (Geological Gorge)

    Recently I got permission to fly in Class E air space from FAA. The area I am flying in called Taughannock Falls. There is a gorge trail which leads to the base of the falls (about 3/4 of a mile in) The height of the gorge is about 400ft the falls plunge 233ft. The width varies from 400ft to...