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container port

  1. blackomega

    Air 2s Expansion of a container port

    Update on container port expansion in Prince Rupert British Columbia
  2. blackomega

    Mini Mini 2 and a Container Terminal

    This is a flight around Fairview Container Terminal. It sits on Canada's Deepest Ice Free harbour The terminal is one of the newest and most efficient Manned terminals in the world due the ability to go from ship to rail in one step
  3. blackomega

    CSCL Spring leaving port

    Hello Another in my containership / tug boat series. This time in reverse a ship leaving. I recommend watching it to the end as the video is a story
  4. blackomega

    Container Ship XIN Los Angeles

    Good afternoon Here is the latest in my container ship series. Enjoy
  5. blackomega

    The workhorses of our Waters

    Hello Pilots Well sad news. My M2Z is away at DJI getting repaired. While I await its return I took the time to make a montage about tug boats from all my unused footage. Pleas let me know what you all think of the video Like and subscribe if you would like
  6. blackomega

    COSCO Pride docking in Prince Rupert Container Port

    Hey Guys Here is my latest video in my container ship series the COSCO Pride. This is a shorter video and I am trying some new editing techniques. Please comment on the video if you like what you see and please subscribe my channel. Trying to get at least 50 more people subscribed to unlock...
  7. blackomega

    Harbour Tugs doing what they do best. The SST Tsimshian Warrior

    Good morning Mavic pilots This is my third instalment of my SST Tsimshian Warrior series. I have been following this tug since it arrived in Canada after being built in turkey I finally had the chance to film her working. Although she was built primarily to escort and assist liquified propane...