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controller issue

  1. drakkor

    Mavic pro 2 controller loud buzzing fan noise

    So I have seen some people on here that had the same issue with either the regular Mavic or Mavic Platinum controller. I personally owned both of them but never had this problem at all, and I flew quite a lot too with those, or even left the controller on for a while when updating firmware...etc...
  2. N

    Mavic PRO live feed interference

    Hi, I just bought a brand new(I hope ) Mavic Pro on friday and I would have some questions: - Does the mavic comes in a foil covering the box or not? - Does the mavic package contains the User manual because I didn't get it(I read it online )? - I tried flying on my phone (P8 lite) and tablet...
  3. NOLA-J

    I think I damaged my controller

    Don't pull the sticks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw a few forums about people removing the controller sticks and I wanted to give it a try. Lots of people have posted that they can be removed with ease, or slight force. Well...I pulled to hard. I cannot remove mine. I went with some...
  4. Drone Master

    The Mavic Controller Twitch Issue.

    Thought I would share this. Interesting that this guy has a good analysis for what could possibly be why there have been frequent crashes lately.