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What is the causer of the problem?

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May 13, 2018
I just bought a brand new(I hope
) Mavic Pro on friday and I would have some questions:
- Does the mavic comes in a foil covering the box or not?
- Does the mavic package contains the User manual because I didn't get it(I read it online
- I tried flying on my phone (P8 lite) and tablet (LG G Pad) both had strong interference (the app only noted the interference 1 out of 5 times) and the feed was literally useless (and the phone completely disconnected once. Only complete restart including drone and remote solved it.) at close and far distance in the middle of nowhere and, AND the REMOTE got 0 bars at 150 Meters height and 400 Meters distance (and triggered return to home) in a Sub-urban city with clear line of sight.
But on my father's phone (Note 4) the feed was flawless without airplane mode and auto frequency selection.
Then I tried using my own phone with airplane mode on and manual frequency selection on 20Mhz (there weren't any channels crowded) and I managed to get a better, useable signal but still not that solid as it should be...

I think my problem is pretty unique I did not find any solutions and only one video ()

Info for the answers:
CE area (Europe, Hungary)
Firmware: Problem occured with both the factory and up-to-date firmware.
Dji GO: The newest
Remote antennas: Folded out properly
If i did not move for 10 sec the feed recovered but if I moved, the feed was useless again

Sum up:
I'm not sure wether it's the interference or not enough processing power in the mobile devices (I'm sure if the Note 4 managed to handle either the G Pad or the P8 Lite(fresh phone with few apps should handle it better) or my drone/remote is faulty (in this case I have 14 days to send it back to the shop where I bought it and buy from somewhere else...
I would use it in professional photography so i can not tolerate any issues.
Also might parabolic reflectors help?
If you device tablet or phone has less than 2 gb of RAM, you might be in trouble. The DJI Go4 app is very resource hungry, it seems to get hungrier over time.
Make sure everything is killed on the device, no apps running in the background, turn of your cell phone and wifi signals. The only thing electronic running is the Mavic, and the controller.

Failing that, try another location with above test parameters and let us know what happens
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It failed with the note 4 this time... with apps killed no interference in the area... The note 4 is on the recommended list... Has 3Gb of RAM... Should i send it back (I mean the drone)?
Yeah... Thanks... I already packed it perfectly as it was, onto it's box... Tomorrow I'll give it back and hopefully the day after I'll be happy with my *working* ocusync :D. If the problem persist with the new drone I will send that one back too and forget drone photography for a year :/
Ohh the shop said that there can be a 30% value decrease... I didn't give it back... Now I will call the local distributor's service and will try other phones... Since have 1 year of gurantee...

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