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  1. SteveHudsonPhotography

    MA 1 Replacement Controller...

    Hey guys, A couple of weeks ago some condensation got inside my MA 1 remote and now its no good, rather than go through insurance (which means paying an excess of £100) or just sending for repair I figured I'd prefer to just buy new... Well thats easier said than done, I can't find anywhere...
  2. christangey

    Unseen Australia

    Australia is so much more than the Sydney Opera House and the Great Barrier Reef, it is both a country and a continent. This vast nation is the same size as the USA, but with just 7% of its population. Here is just a glimpse of the Australia you didn't know. Shot on both the Mavic and Mavic 2...
  3. milovan

    Can the controller’s battery last 3 Mavic Mini batteries?

    or even 4? thanks!
  4. T

    Mavic 2 remote no longer working with Android tablet

    I was using the 8 inch ASUS Zenpad tablet (old Android 5.0) with my OG Mavic Pro without a problem. However, when I tried it with the Mavic 2 RC (current DJI GO 4 from the PlayStore installed on the tablet), it just wouldn't detect the RC connection. I always use the big USB-A port on the...
  5. Rusty in Bend

    Zoom roll-bar disappears ...

    I must be doing this wrong, but sometimes my zoom scroll bar is there on the right side of my screen, and sometimes it's not. I can't figure out when it's not ... how to get it back ... or what I did to make it go away. I know it's a stupid question ... but it's kicking my butt.
  6. A

    Shutter release on remote

    I just got the Mavic 2 and took it out for a quick test. For some reason, the shutter release button on the remote doesn't work (just beeps like it's performing an autofocus). If I push the orange shutter release button on the DJI Go 4 app it works fine. Anyone else seeing this issue or know...
  7. Ace79

    Are the Mavic Pro (original) and Mavic 2 remotes the same dimensions?

    I got my Mavic 2 today but sadly my phone/tablet mount for the Mavic Air controller does not fit the Mavic 2 remote. Can anyone confirm if the Mavic 2 remote is the same size as the original Mavic Pro controller? I know I can get a mount that slips between the grips, but I'm looking for an...
  8. doubleplay86

    FS: Mavic Pro Accessories (Filters, Props etc.) $50 or BEST OFFER

    My Mavic Pro Platinum was stolen but my accessories case wasn't so I'm selling off the accessories I've got left which are all in like new or new condition. SOLD - LN Mavic Pro Remote - SOLD SOLD - LN Mavic Pro Battery and Remote Charger, also have multi-battery at once charger - SOLD SOLD -...
  9. M

    Phone discharging remote

    Does anyone know how to stop a smart phone from discharging the remote's battery when connected. Using an LG G5 with Android 7.0. MPP firmware is current. I've tried every USB connection option on the phone but it always defaults back to "charge" and drains the remote.
  10. N

    Mavic PRO live feed interference

    Hi, I just bought a brand new(I hope ) Mavic Pro on friday and I would have some questions: - Does the mavic comes in a foil covering the box or not? - Does the mavic package contains the User manual because I didn't get it(I read it online )? - I tried flying on my phone (P8 lite) and tablet...
  11. Rune-Norway

    CrystalSky 7,85" Ultra brightness blocking signal

    Hi I use the CrystalSky 7,85" Ultra brightness on my Inspire. I got the Polar Pro Crystalsky Remote Mount so the screen is above like on the Inspire radio. I have tested both with having the screen almost straight up and laying over the radio like on the photo (showing a smaller screen) On...
  12. K

    Mavic Pro Remote controller - no display

    Hi, Hoping someone here can help me with a problem with my Mavic Pro remote controller. Earlier today I started updating to the latest firmware (.200) on my Mavic Pro and remote controller. Just before finishing the update, an error message popped up saying update failed. Tried to finish the...
  13. D

    Wrong charging cable

    Hello! I received my Mavic Pro Platinum a few days ago. The USB cable that goes from the charger to the remote doesn’t fit! It has rounded corners. I went to two stores trying to find one that has square corners. What is it called do I can go online to order one? My several emails to...
  14. Shoei39

    iPad controller requirements for Mavic - WiFi or WiFi + Cellular?

    When using an iPad with your Mavic controller, is WiFi + cellular required or will WiFi work just as well? Thanks for any advice you can provide on this issue.
  15. R

    Android streaming casting to big TV

    Hi All He's a video of my attempt to go BIG SCREEN, using the android casting via wifi and connecting to the remote controller with the OTG. And technically it works. But I'm getting unreliable performance from my OTG which causes the DJI Go 4 app to fight for the wifi connection - sometimes it...
  16. Adamcain112


    If you have the Mavmount for the ipad mini I found, if you mount the holder on the back instead of bottom. You can see the whole RC screen and buttons. You just have to look over slightly the other way it covers it totally.
  17. 2

    No control due to Mag interference

    Hello Had my Mavic 3 days, got some great footage and I'm looking for some info after my drone crashed itself. I say it crashed itself as i flew it through a tunnel (with train line above on the bridge) whilst the drone was flying through the tunnel i got a error message saying 'Mag...
  18. B

    For sale Mavic Pro remote controller

    I had a flyaway and bought another Mavic Pro, so I have an extra controller to sell. $200 OBO. I know I'm a new poster and I've heard that people sometimes think that newbies aren't legitimate drone owners. You can look at my Youtube channel to see a bunch of drone videos if it helps...
  19. S

    Remote disconnects every few minutes

    Hey all, Latest FW (.700) (but also happened in .600). Latest iOS app. iPhone 7 plus. After connecting everything the mavic disconnects from the remote for about 1-2 seconds every ~3 minutes. The disconnection also happens when the mavic is on the ground. While flying it triggers RTH. I tried...
  20. jessica morris

    Selling Remote for Mavic Pro

    I lost my drone in a tree on the third flight! Could not get it down unfortunately. I am selling my Remote Control for the Mavic. I bought the drone in February and it is barely used and perfect condition. I am asking for $230 or best offer and I will mail it to you. Hoping to use this money to...