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  • Also you wouldn't fly near Pine Gap unless you wanted some prison time, but that is a fair way out of Alice so you are unlikely to be going near there. Have fun!
    Sean, well starting point is all restrictions that apply everywhere else in Australia apply here. Specific ones? I wouldn't fly around the waterfront precinct in Darwin, a lot of Australian and US warships dock there. If you are flying commercially you will want Parks permits, there are two, filming and "operate aircraft". That applies to each Park. Non-commercial I believe you ask the Ranger on duty.
    Hi Chris,
    Love your work mate! And some awesome drone shots there with - presume M2Pro?
    Wondering if you can give me some advice please? I live in Hobart and coming up to NT for a holiday (picking up a motorhome in Darwin and dropping off in Alice Springs) in June - 23 day trip. I'm bringing my M2P with me and wondering what restrictions there are for using it especially in the tourist areas? Cheers, Sean
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