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remote controller issue

  1. manoslinh

    Controller won’t charge

    Problem? Controller is not charging Was unit in a crash? no What have you tried so far?: connecting the usb-c to the Mavic charger USB port from the one end and the controller USB port (the one on the left, where the phone connects) on the other side. What device are you using? I haven’t...
  2. N

    Mavic PRO live feed interference

    Hi, I just bought a brand new(I hope ) Mavic Pro on friday and I would have some questions: - Does the mavic comes in a foil covering the box or not? - Does the mavic package contains the User manual because I didn't get it(I read it online )? - I tried flying on my phone (P8 lite) and tablet...
  3. Tanushiheadbash

    RC Borked?

    My Mavic Air is less than 24 hours out the box (has not flown at all yet) and I think I have a borked RC. Before I get bogged down with DJI support (not open yet) I just want to make sure I have not missed anything obvious. Out the box everything was fine. I charged everything up and after a...
  4. D

    DJI excellent service!

    A couple of weeks ago I noticed that parts of the text display on my Mavic Remote Controller were missing making it difficult to read, particularly battery percentage. I contacted DJI support and they responded quickly advising me to complete a repair form. I needed to contact them a couple of...
  5. J

    Do we not need any sort of EMF protection from the RC? thoughts

    After a couple of month of extensive Mavic-Video watching and contemplating; my Mavic Pro has finally arrived; bought it just week before going on cruises for the very first time.(Alaska) Flew the Mavic 3 days on the roll at a park near my house for a total flight time of 55mins. but for some...
  6. H

    RC won't connect to Flight simulation??

    I open up the DJI assistant app, the Mavic connects fine, the remote control flicks to USB for like two seconds and then it just switches straight back to Atti/gps mode, meaning I am unable to use it for flying in the simulation. I've tried a combination of things -turning on the remote first /...
  7. L

    Flying Mavic with controller ONLY?

    I recently did something pretty dumb, lost my Mavic. :mad::mad: I don't think I will be able to get it back, but have to ask anyway. I was flying it with just the remote controller since my iPhone was dead. It flew away and never came back. My question is there any way to get the GPS from the...


    Hey Guys. So I have just started a 5 week trip through Canada (from Australia) and my Mav bricked 2 days before I left. Urgent help needed. This is a bit of a follow on (with extra issues) from: Controller 'Connecting' This is what has happened: * Gimbal "overload error" and won't stay still...
  9. R

    As soon as i take off RTH activates. Unable to fly*

    A while ago, maybe 2 weeks back, i updated to the latest firmware v01.03.0200. Updated via iOS so everything got updated nice and fine (remote, mavic, battery etc.). Except for the video quality (that seems to get worse with every update) everying went fine till this update, no erratic...