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  1. B

    Is a drone of any use without it's controller?

    Hi all, if someone bought a Mini 2 without it's controller, can it be used with any other controller?
  2. B

    Does Mini 2 work with Mavic Mini 1 controller?

    Can I fly the Mini 2 with my Mavic Mini controller? My mavic mini tried swimming in a lake so I’m droneless but still have the controller. Is it cross compatible? If it is I might just try upgrading drones and just keep using same mavic mini controller.
  3. G

    DJI Mavic Mini, modded controller, Titan drones amp, etc

    DJI Mavic Mini 1 Fly More Combo, includes all original equipment and accessories. Drone has no damage and very little flight time. Mostly used for testing, approximately 10 flights or less. No controller. $215 shipped in the US Brand new stock controller modded for long range w/ 9dbi whip...
  4. B

    M2P: power backup for controller?

    I know many people have extra batteries, but what do you when your M2 Pro controller runs out of power? Is there any way to power controller out in the field? Do some people have more than one controller? I realize that the controller lasts longer than a single drone battery, but they don't...
  5. bloomeroid

    Mavic air controller woes

    Hello Mavic pilots hive mind. I'm having a problem with my Mavic air controller and I can't seem to find a solution for it. Problem? The Controller has worked fine for about 3 weeks. No issues at all. Took it out for a flight tonight and once my flight was over it wouldn't turn off. So I left...
  6. T

    DJI AIR 2 - Remote Control Major Issue - Zero input on right joystick

    Hi all, I just unboxed my new drone and it is not working. Im totally stressed out by the beeping sound of the Remote Control which isn’t working as it is supposed to. Chronology: Unbox Charge batteries and prepare drone Download app Update firmware drone through app Update firmware remote...
  7. R

    Mavic 2 controller is acting odd

    It started off beeping with a "Center Stick Error" I did a IMU Calibration and I think it fixed that issue. BUT, I have been noticing lately that the drone is drifting to the left all of the time. It will not sit still. It also spins the whole time it's RTH and does not find it's precision...
  8. J

    Issue with USB

    Hello, we are facing strange issue by using USB-C cable between mobile phone with Android system (8 and 9) and DJI controller (for DJI Mavic mini). I and my colleagues have the issue, that after connecting the mobile phone to the controller, the controller starts to charge battery and it´s not...
  9. SteveHudsonPhotography

    MA 1 Replacement Controller...

    Hey guys, A couple of weeks ago some condensation got inside my MA 1 remote and now its no good, rather than go through insurance (which means paying an excess of £100) or just sending for repair I figured I'd prefer to just buy new... Well thats easier said than done, I can't find anywhere...
  10. A

    Hello from Slovenia

    Hello MavicPilots forum, I recently became a DJI Mavic mini owner and I am so thrilled for all the adventure we will have. After a few flights I was amazed at the technology in such a small package. But as I am a hobby gamer I use the left controller stick for wasd (forward, backward, side...
  11. L

    Mavic Mini Controller Battery Life

    Hi, I would like to know the MM Controller Battery Life, from past a month after flying a single battery almost all battery of Controller drained. i reported it to Customer care & send my device for repair if any malfunction, but i got reply from Customer care it is OK & they didnt find any...
  12. A

    Mavic Air Controller Pairing Issues

    Hello, I recently sold my Mavic Air on eBay after upgrading to the Mavic Air 2. My original was in great condition and everything was functioning properly. My buyer received the package with no issues. Upon starting up the drone, he performed an update and has since been unable to link the...
  13. N

    Mavic Air 2 Controller won't Connect to my Phone

    My Mavic Air 2 got delivered yesterday. However, when I connect my phone to the controller, the phone doesn't recognize that the controller is connected. I have attached the controller and drone to my computer and updated the firmware on both. I also have tried connecting to the controller with...
  14. M

    Mavic Mini Controller

    Someone to help please - Inquiry: I have a spare Mavic Mini Controller .. as my Mini flew away (RTH mistake in wind) Located the position on someone's property but never recovered. Suspect owner confiscated it. SOoo with my Controller is it (unique) paired to lost drone or can I use it with my...
  15. M

    Problemi di connessione cellulare controller

    Salve, scrivo questo messaggio perchè ho da poco comprato un drone Dji Mavic Pro e ho dei problemi di connessione tra il cellulare e il controller. Ad ogni volo ci sono delle perdite di connessione di pochi secondi (1/2 secondi) dove non vedo più le immagini del mio drone sul mio cellulare...
  16. G

    controller problems

    After several flights with the controller working just fine, I've started to have trouble with it. I do the tap and long press, the same way that had been working, and nothing happens. It does not turn on. I wait and try again - same thing. Finally, I try pushing all four of the buttons...
  17. milovan

    Can the controller’s battery last 3 Mavic Mini batteries?

    or even 4? thanks!
  18. J

    Mavic air controller beeping due to stick issue

    Hi, When using my mavic air, when I push the right stick forward, the drone moves front and goes higher. When I push the right stick backwards, the drone moves back and down. I switched off the drone and saw the values in the calibration screen. When I push the right stick alone, it shows 100%...
  19. Richmadonna

    sold For sale mavic Pro 2 controller with Mavmount tablet holder

    For sale mavic 2 pro controller and mavmount 3.0 iPad holder. Bought a smart controller so don’t need this. $225 for both or $50 for tablet holder and $175 for controller
  20. 7

    Linking Two Different Mavic 2 Controllers (NOT for use at the same time)?

    I just upgraded from a Mavic Pro to a Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual. Given that they're both Mavic 2 airframes, I want to ensure redundancy wherever I can. I don't need to use two controllers at the same time. I merely want to link both controllers to both aircraft, so that when I'm...