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  1. SteveHudsonPhotography

    MA 1 Replacement Controller...

    Hey guys, A couple of weeks ago some condensation got inside my MA 1 remote and now its no good, rather than go through insurance (which means paying an excess of £100) or just sending for repair I figured I'd prefer to just buy new... Well thats easier said than done, I can't find anywhere...
  2. A

    Hello from Slovenia

    Hello MavicPilots forum, I recently became a DJI Mavic mini owner and I am so thrilled for all the adventure we will have. After a few flights I was amazed at the technology in such a small package. But as I am a hobby gamer I use the left controller stick for wasd (forward, backward, side...
  3. L

    Mavic Mini Controller Battery Life

    Hi, I would like to know the MM Controller Battery Life, from past a month after flying a single battery almost all battery of Controller drained. i reported it to Customer care & send my device for repair if any malfunction, but i got reply from Customer care it is OK & they didnt find any...
  4. A

    Mavic Air Controller Pairing Issues

    Hello, I recently sold my Mavic Air on eBay after upgrading to the Mavic Air 2. My original was in great condition and everything was functioning properly. My buyer received the package with no issues. Upon starting up the drone, he performed an update and has since been unable to link the...
  5. N

    Mavic Air 2 Controller won't Connect to my Phone

    My Mavic Air 2 got delivered yesterday. However, when I connect my phone to the controller, the phone doesn't recognize that the controller is connected. I have attached the controller and drone to my computer and updated the firmware on both. I also have tried connecting to the controller with...
  6. M

    Mavic Mini Controller

    Someone to help please - Inquiry: I have a spare Mavic Mini Controller .. as my Mini flew away (RTH mistake in wind) Located the position on someone's property but never recovered. Suspect owner confiscated it. SOoo with my Controller is it (unique) paired to lost drone or can I use it with my...
  7. M

    Problemi di connessione cellulare controller

    Salve, scrivo questo messaggio perchè ho da poco comprato un drone Dji Mavic Pro e ho dei problemi di connessione tra il cellulare e il controller. Ad ogni volo ci sono delle perdite di connessione di pochi secondi (1/2 secondi) dove non vedo più le immagini del mio drone sul mio cellulare...
  8. G

    controller problems

    After several flights with the controller working just fine, I've started to have trouble with it. I do the tap and long press, the same way that had been working, and nothing happens. It does not turn on. I wait and try again - same thing. Finally, I try pushing all four of the buttons...
  9. milovan

    Can the controller’s battery last 3 Mavic Mini batteries?

    or even 4? thanks!
  10. J

    Mavic air controller beeping due to stick issue

    Hi, When using my mavic air, when I push the right stick forward, the drone moves front and goes higher. When I push the right stick backwards, the drone moves back and down. I switched off the drone and saw the values in the calibration screen. When I push the right stick alone, it shows 100%...
  11. Richmadonna

    sold For sale mavic Pro 2 controller with Mavmount tablet holder

    For sale mavic 2 pro controller and mavmount 3.0 iPad holder. Bought a smart controller so don’t need this. $225 for both or $50 for tablet holder and $175 for controller
  12. 7

    Linking Two Different Mavic 2 Controllers (NOT for use at the same time)?

    I just upgraded from a Mavic Pro to a Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual. Given that they're both Mavic 2 airframes, I want to ensure redundancy wherever I can. I don't need to use two controllers at the same time. I merely want to link both controllers to both aircraft, so that when I'm...
  13. T

    Mavic Controller / phone handlebar mount

    Hey folks, i'm looking at self building a mount for my mavic controller. Before posting I read through the existing threads on the forum and also did a general google search, i've looked at the offering on AliExpress US $4.49 10% OFF|Bicycle Holder Mount Bracket for DJI Mavic Pro/Mavic air...
  14. Lonniex

    DJI Repair switched my controller!

    My drone crashed for no particular reason, I sent it in to DJI repair along with controller. The Mavic Pro and controller are only 6 months old. DJI did replace drone but sent me old scratched up controller with faded buttons in return for my pristine controller. To my amazement the S/N was...
  15. Watash48

    Mavic 2 Pro - Controller Monitor Selection

    I have just received my Mavic 2 Pro and I am looking into purchasing a monitor that will provide me better visibility of my DJI Go 4 app. I have the iPhone XS Max however I am in need of a larger screen. Can you please point me in the right direction to make a quality selection and why you...
  16. P

    Help! Mavic Pro RC not working

    Hello there! So today for some reason, my rc and ac couldn't connect. The rc got stuck in 'connecting' and the ac kept flashing yellow. I thought that maybe it was a firmware thing, as every attempt to reconnect them failed(the controller wouldn't enter the 'binding' mode, when I did the 'rc...
  17. C

    Mavic Air Left Stick False Input Problem HELP!!

    Mavic air user here need help: I'm using RC mode 2 My mavic air started behaving strangely sometimes, everytime I fly it backwards, it is unable to maintain its altitude and will move downwards and backwards at the same time without any left stick input The same happens when i fly forward, it is...
  18. Ace79

    Are the Mavic Pro (original) and Mavic 2 remotes the same dimensions?

    I got my Mavic 2 today but sadly my phone/tablet mount for the Mavic Air controller does not fit the Mavic 2 remote. Can anyone confirm if the Mavic 2 remote is the same size as the original Mavic Pro controller? I know I can get a mount that slips between the grips, but I'm looking for an...
  19. V

    Mavic pro controller disconnect powercycle SOLVED

    First this is an awesome forum, I have red tons and learned tons. Thanks to everyone who has contributed. Problem? -Go app disconnects and cannot reconnect until remote controller is Powercycled. -RC controller does however remain connected to mavic pro. ----Has happened since unit was...
  20. D

    Remote right joystick sticking

    Yesterday I did something completely stupid. I stepped on my remote while showing someone how to use the tracking/follow mode. Not sure why I set my controller down, but it was a big mistake. Yeah he right joystick is now sticking and I’m getting thenloud beeping stick error when I turn it on...