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  1. R

    Get the coordinates of a pixel from a georeferenced photo

    Good morning, I have a problem with geo-referenced photos from a DJI drone. I have the coordinates of the center of the photo and the metadata related to the photo and I would like to know how to go from a pixel to its relative coordinates. Example metadata [Exif]: latitude: 45.6426621388889...
  2. tictag

    Mavic Pro: fly to a coordinate?

    Is there a way to fly to an exact coordinate? I'm trying to do a very long hyperlapse, maybe 10's of batteries flight time, so I'll need to resume the hyperlapse exactly where the last one (battery) ended.
  3. P

    Calibrating Mavic GPS

    Is it possible to calibrate the Mavic's GPS coordinates using the software ? I want to take the Mavic to a known survey point and correct the on board GPS coordinates to match the known survey point's coordinates. Currently the Mavic's GPS coordinates don't match the survey point accurately and...