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    Mini 2 Crash, what to do now?

    Hi, Today I crashed my mini 2 whilst flying through a hollow tower. The gimbal has come off and the cable has broken, the camera itself looks okay. The back right arm is also broken. The main casing as has a crack and a chip. (See pictures) I do not have DJI cover. What do you think my best...
  2. R

    I forgot Gimbal protective cover and turned on Mavic 2 Pro

    I have a Mavic 2 Pro. I am still a beginner to fly drones. One day I turned on the Drone in my hand and put it on the floor, so I took the remote control to turn it on too. That's when I looked that I hadn't removed the Gimbal cover. Whenever I turn on the Drone, the gimbal does a calibration. I...
  3. R

    Is Gimbal Cover Neccessary?

    Got my Air today, however in the excitement of opening it at work I think I've misplaced the gimbal cover already (doh!). If it sits in it's protective pouch all the time and I'm generally careful, is the gimbal cover really required?
  4. P

    Image white mark

    Hi, i have bought a mavic four days ago and i have a problem with the image. i have a white mark in the image when i set the camera cover. Whithout it the mark isn't in the image. It's anormal or a bad settings ? What do you think ? The red image is a picture taken with the cover protect. Thanks...
  5. adventures

    Gimble cover?

    This may be silly, but I wanted to know who else is flying it with the gimble cover on or not? I've been watching all kinds of footage and finding a lot of images of it with the cover both on and off. Mine has had scratches on it since I first got it but I'm too nervous to fly with it off...