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  1. P

    Mini 2 Crash, what to do now?

    Hi, Today I crashed my mini 2 whilst flying through a hollow tower. The gimbal has come off and the cable has broken, the camera itself looks okay. The back right arm is also broken. The main casing as has a crack and a chip. (See pictures) I do not have DJI cover. What do you think my best...
  2. R

    I forgot Gimbal protective cover and turned on Mavic 2 Pro

    I have a Mavic 2 Pro. I am still a beginner to fly drones. One day I turned on the Drone in my hand and put it on the floor, so I took the remote control to turn it on too. That's when I looked that I hadn't removed the Gimbal cover. Whenever I turn on the Drone, the gimbal does a calibration. I...
  3. R

    Is Gimbal Cover Neccessary?

    Got my Air today, however in the excitement of opening it at work I think I've misplaced the gimbal cover already (doh!). If it sits in it's protective pouch all the time and I'm generally careful, is the gimbal cover really required?
  4. Haloweenhamster

    bottom cover and screws

    Hi I have a spare brand new bottom cover / heatsink and a set of screws for the cover and core board £15 delivered UK
  5. P

    Image white mark

    Hi, i have bought a mavic four days ago and i have a problem with the image. i have a white mark in the image when i set the camera cover. Whithout it the mark isn't in the image. It's anormal or a bad settings ? What do you think ? The red image is a picture taken with the cover protect. Thanks...
  6. adventures

    Gimble cover?

    This may be silly, but I wanted to know who else is flying it with the gimble cover on or not? I've been watching all kinds of footage and finding a lot of images of it with the cover both on and off. Mine has had scratches on it since I first got it but I'm too nervous to fly with it off...

    DJI Mavic Pro Battery Terminal Cover

    DJI Mavic Pro Battery Terminal Cover. I have had a lot of people ask us for this so here it is. Keep debris out of your battery terminals that can cause damage & loss of connection. It fits securely and fully covers the terminal pockets protecting them from unwanted debris. Made of rubber so no...