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cpu overload

  1. R

    Mini 2 Iphone 6S CPU Overload

    After about fifteen minutes flying lately, I now get the CPU overload problem with degraded control. Phone does not seem too warm and is dedicated and everything nonessential turned off. I have read other CPU overload threads but found nothing specifically useful. Any specific ideas as to what...
  2. M

    Fully loaded CPU message Issue

    Several weeks ago I began getting the following message: “Mobile device cpu fully loaded. Related performance will be degraded”, freezing/distorted video, and irregular response to control inputs. My Configuration: Mavic Air with all latest versions of all firmware, DJI Go 4 current version...
  3. AlanTheBeast

    "Mobile Device CPU Overload"

    About 10 - 20 seconds before that message, the video started stuttering, lagging and freezing - so I began heading back. Then the message "Mobile Device CPU Overload" appeared. I'd never seen that before. After landing I went through the (usually unnecessary) process of flicking all the...