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crash avoidances

  1. willswing77

    Scary Waterfall Movie in Brazil - MA almost crashed

    Hi everybody I am a new MA pilot since May this year and made my experiences in the last couple of months with my Mavic Air. I live in Switzerland and brought my MA to Brazil last summer, where I flew it in many locations. Brought back some nice footage. But my fingers are still trembling when I...
  2. T

    MP1 crashed during a pix4Dcapture flight...

    Hi, I crashed my MP1 in a tree during an automated flight using Pix4Dcapture v4.5.0 (Android). While my drone was heading to the start point, I swapped the screen to FPV and noticed a tree slightly too high (2m max) was right in the way (Bad planning... my bad). Using the RC I tried to rapidly...
  3. F

    Almost Crash my Mavic Air

    Last friday I almost Crash my MA, I lost video feedback but I thougt it was going in an unobstructed courses so O keep taken it forward. When I regain video feedback I was stop by itself before crashing. First time I have needed the anti-collision sensors, good work DJI.
  4. T

    Emergency buzzer didn't work

    Hi, I crashed my mavic air (I make the mistake to flew it on the side, in a trees environment) I knew it was on the ground (I got the video transmission) In order to find it, I tried to turn on the beeper/buzzer without any result - even when it reached the low battery level. Happily my son saw...
  5. heo3480

    Most common Drone Pilot mistakes

    Have you crashed your Mavic and why? This is our countdown of the most common drone pilot mistakes. If you as a new pilot avoid these, you have a good chance of saving your bird :-)
  6. P

    DJI service is horrible!!!!

    Got a Mavic in February and really liked it. Then I got a vision sensor problem about 4 months after getting it. DJI told me to format SD card and update firmware. That worked, so all good. 2 weeks later got same thing so I repeated the procedure and and nothing worked. Tried recalibrating...