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  1. R

    Air 2s Henderson Bridge (Halton Region, Ontario)

    This is my second attempt at filming an outdoor man-made structure, and again it's a bridge. I don't know why I chose a bridge, I guess because they are linear and cross over a linear feature, they offer some interesting angles. This one is much smaller than the Burlington Canal Lift Bridge, but...
  2. Baqca Sanke

    Mavic 2 Active Track Torture Test on my Ebike (Spoiler Alert: It's Amazing)

    Rode my ebike for the first time in a year since my accident. Went out to a local park that wasn't closed and really gave the Mavic 2 active track a run for its money! Despite what some of my editing looks like it only ever lost track of me ONE time :cool:
  3. MQuinn

    Sunrise Pictures 12/14/17

    Some pictures around my little corner of the world
  4. GoodGuy

    Local Creek on a Sunny Day

    Duffins Creek in Ajax Ontario is pretty flooded right now, but two nice mornings in a row got me out to shoot some footage. A bit of editing later, and here's what I've got. Comments and suggestions are most welcome! Happy Flying all!