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  1. Christopher.lafla

    Lost drone in Croatia

    Hey, This summer I lost my DJI Mavic mini 1 drone in Croatia on Lopud Island, And I can't help but feel really sad that I lost all my footage. So I'm asking whoever is in the region and read this, If you want the drone here is the log file, you can keep the drone but the only thing I'm asking of...
  2. O

    Air 2s This is why you should visit Croatia

  3. O

    Air 2s KRKA waterfalls - Croatia

    I think Croatia is one of the most beautiful countries I've ever been. 5.4k footage of KRKA national park.
  4. V

    Mini Spectacular Croatia...

    I'm just so amazed about this country! Recorded with Mavic Mini and Feiyu Pocket.
  5. A

    Sailing Croatia 2020

    This is a video of this years sailing in Croatia. Drone used is Mavic Air.
  6. A

    Summer in Croatia

    Crystal clear water, sunsets, shipwreck, heart shaped island... beautiful Croatia, so many corners to film, it really is a photogenic paradise :)
  7. P

    Sevid, Croatia [4K]

  8. E

    Anybody from Croatia

    Hi, I am new in drone community. Just have my new Mavic Pro and I have first crash so I am "experienced" one. Regards from Zagreb Emilijo