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  1. I

    Mavic 2 - worried about turning of motors during flight

    Hi all, Been flying the M2 zoom for around a month and noticed in the settings that you can turn off the motors in flight - as far as I can make out this action is initiated by positioning the sticks as one would for starting the motors pre take off i.e. together or apart in downward...
  2. A

    Theory explaining how Mavic could drop down from skies... Your thoughts, please...

    Please guys... It might be very important... I have developed a theory that explains why and how the Mavics are dropping down from the skies... I would like to hear your thoughts and contributions, please... I have read lots of flight data logs that were published by its unffortunate pilots...
  3. ed1nh0

    Mid-air shut off (CSC) and restart

    I don't remember where I saw it here so please forgive me admins if I duplicate this thread and move/delete it if necessary. Do you fellow pilots want to know what happens and if it's possible to recover the control of the Mavic after a non-wanted CSC? Check this out!