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  1. B

    Mini 3 Mini 3 Pro Active Track Cycling

    Testing Active Track modes while cycling with the Mini 3 Pro. Impressed with how well it followed and how smooth it turned out.
  2. S

    Mallorcan Cycling - Cap De Formentor

    Took some video of a recent ride with a friend while we were in Mallorca. Hope you enjoy!
  3. Hamid_SNJ

    My first cycling with mavic pro

    Active track and cycling! this is my first cycling videoclip
  4. H

    New M2P pilot with interest in fishing and cycling

    Hello all. I am new to the drone scene. I only have a couple of M2P flights under my belt. I have interest in photography/videography and my other hobbies include fishing and cycling. I recently bought a gannet release system from Drone Sky Hook. I took it to the beach today and failed twice...
  5. Falcon

    First time using Active Track on my Bike

    This was my first time and I love this feature