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  1. videomarketing

    Howdy From Dallas, TX

    Glad to be here
  2. W

    Issue with OcuSync? Any Dallas/Fort Worth Guys Want to Test This?

    I've flown dozens of times at a park near Dallas with a Phantom 3 Pro, Phantom 4 Pro, Spark, Autel X-Star premium, Q500 and Typhoon H and never had a problem with my transmission signal. I've flown the Mavic Pro Platinum at this park five times and it has had severe connection problems all...
  3. R

    Dallas night


    New Pilot in Dallas, TX

    Just picked up a DJI Mavic Pro about a month ago and have been trying to practice as much as possible :) Let me know if any of you guys are local or if there are "Drone Meetups" in the area, I'd be down to come join in on the fun! Cheers everyone!
  5. D

    4K footage for the Mavic fans, Cowboy Fans, or people concerned over the "soft" look of the Video...

    I got my drone on Tuesday and FINALLY had a chance to fly it yesterday afternoon. I wanted to see how the 4K quality looked. One thing i noticed is, by default one of the "C" buttons in the back (I believe C1) is assigned to Focusing the camera in the center of the video. So as long as I...