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  1. ianannase

    Are you interested in delivering food and drinks with your drone for cash?

    Zing is an application I am working on that will be like the "Uber of Drones". Drone pilots will make a fixed amount for each delivery they make from places like Starbucks, Jimmy Johns, and Chipotle using their Mavic Pro drones. If you are interested please apply to join the drone pilot fleet at...
  2. FuzLogix

    Uber for blood - Ingenious drone delivery service

    Just came across this news article from the Guardian on using drones for delivering blood to remote regions of Rwanda, found it interesting so thought it deserved a share: Source and the rest of the article: 'Uber for blood': how Rwandan delivery robots are saving lives | Karen McVeigh
  3. UAV Man

    UK end is nigh!...

    Grounded! Rise of the 'delivery drones' in UK skies is in doubt after transport minister voices safety fears Transport Secretary Chris Grayling (pictured) said Britain must be 'much more careful' before giving the green light for 'unfettered use' of the unmanned aircraft in the skies over the...