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  1. jeryslo

    Christmas gift delivery with Mavic 2 Zoom

    Hello! This year I'm planning something special for my 3 years old niece. Together with my brother we're planning to deliver a Christmas gift via Mavic 2 Zoom drone. The special part will not be just delivery, but also how the drone will look like. Drone will be "dressed" in a reindeer skin...
  2. I

    Postman Pat Killed my Drone ! How to avoid losing ££$$

    If you are selling drone equipment via ebay etc be careful how you are shipping your kit, especially batteries. You could end up losing the lot & insurance will not pay out! This happened last week (NOT ME) and is happening more often. So follow the tips so it doesn't happen to YOU!
  3. D

    How long does delivery takes?

    Let’s say you ordered it on Monday Morning? Asia pacific country, Singapore here.
  4. ianannase

    Are you interested in delivering food and drinks with your drone for cash?

    Zing is an application I am working on that will be like the "Uber of Drones". Drone pilots will make a fixed amount for each delivery they make from places like Starbucks, Jimmy Johns, and Chipotle using their Mavic Pro drones. If you are interested please apply to join the drone pilot fleet at...
  5. AirVūz

    Drone Delivery to Your Hand?!?

    That is right, just what the title says. The U.K. development firm 'Cambridge Consultants' came up with 'DelivAir'- a drone delivery system that brings your order right into your own two hands. If you think it's all sci-fi wishful thinking, think again. The company relied on already-existing...
  6. MilesTHD

    Ordered from RITZ Camera last night - shipped overnight today

    So I did a search of every backwoods, or obscure electronics store i could find in my hunt for a Mavic Pro that did not include the gratuitous EBAY surcharge (who wants a $1500 Mavic Pro?). RITZ Camera, of all places, as of last night, had 20 in stock for $999. I sweet talked the sales rep on...
  7. Member

    Delivering beer with the Mavic Pro