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  1. Przemo-c

    Drone laws in Denmark.

    I wanted to know about flying In Denmark. What are the rules for DJI mini 2. I hope to be able to visit Bornholm this year if it will be at all possible. And I'd like to know do i have to register as an operator in Denmark? What are the rules for sub 250g drone with a camera there? I'm from...
  2. Slava Ivanov

    Denmark: Copenhagen, North Sea

    Hey everyone, Below are two of my videos I made over the trip to Denmark. I'm still practicing so all the thought are welcomed.
  3. Rathi Roam

    GoPro: A Day In Odense City

    This is my first video without using the Mavic Air, I know it's not DJI but I still wanted to share it with you guys! Tell me what you think and if you happen to like it please don’t hesitate to show some love on my channel. I would really appreciate it.. ? :)
  4. AirBuzzOne

    Drone footage of concrete bunkers from the Second World War in Denmark

    Hi guys! Here's a bunch of photos shot with my old DJI Mavic Pro of some concrete bunkers scattered on a beach in Denmark. They are remains from the Second World War and the Atlantic Wall build by Nazi Germany. Read more about the story and see more pictures on my blog if you are interested.
  5. M

    Michael from Hundested in Denmark just checked in

    Newbee with M2P - flew a couple of times, but its too cold at the moment to enjoying flying - here is a quick shot from today
  6. J

    first picture with mavic pro and lightroom

    what do you guys think, i need to learn all the features in lightroom but i think it is pretty good. but i need to learn not to get the glare from the sun in the lens, which filters (ND or UV) do i have to use?
  7. FlyingOkapi

    Wild Swimming in Denmark

    Here is an attempt to capture the beauty and solitude while swimming at the wild beaches in the norther part of Denmark (Lyngså strand, near Sæby). The footage is captured with the Mavic pro and a few sections were captured with Gopro and canon 7d. Cheers Jonathan
  8. A

    Danske Mavic Pro Piloter Sjælland/København

    Hej Danske Mavic Pro Piloter Hvis du er dansker, så giv dig endelig til kende også selvom du ikke deltager til mødet. Mit mål er at lave en fælles erfaringsudveksling, hvor danske Mavic Pro piloter i KBH mødes. Vi mødes kl 16:30-18.00 d 5 marts 2018 ved Black Swan (Borgergade 93, KBH K) i...
  9. K

    Flying in Denmark

    Hey guys, I am a new Mavic pilot and I gotta tell it was very exciting at first, I brought my drone to Lithuania, made some nice videos and pictures, but I live in Copenhagen and it was very disappointing to find out that I can't even fly in my city... i was wondering if there is anyone from...
  10. M

    Crane shot

    This old crane was recently rebuild into an officespace. I remember years ago when they were active reloading ships at the same dock. will post vid later.
  11. C

    Flying in Norway, Sweden and Denmark

    I am going on a trip on Norway, Sweden and Denmark next month and will be bringing along my mavic pro with me. I wish to know several things.. 1. Can I bring it along in a hand carry bag inside the plane? (SAS Airlines- Scandinavia Airlines) Or is it better to put it on a checked-in luggage to...
  12. Stig N

    Hi from Copenhagen, Denmark

    Hi pilots I'm a hobby photographer who have been dreaming about purchasing a drone in many many years, but not being able to find something that combined a reasonably good camera with a compact travel friendly well-flying drone. Well, the day when the Mavic was announced, I immediately knew it...
  13. arosfootage

    Greetings from Denmark!

    Hi pilots! Greetings from Denmark! Looking forward to get the Mavic out flying, I am sure the new saying will be like "The Best Drone Is The One That's With You" and it sure looks like that the Mavic is the one I will carry around most :D Been flying DJI since NAZA was around, and fly...
  14. J

    Mavic Deliveries - Nordic countries

    Could be nice to see who in the Nordic countries has received theirs Mavic, or are still waiting. Where did you purchase it from? And which package did you go for? I have ordered a Fly More Combo from in Norway, on the 27th of october. Only a mail regarding the 7-8 weeks wait, and...