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  1. D

    Howdy from Denver

    Just got a Mavic Pro last weekend, and have only been in the simulator so far. I'm very excited to take it out. Maybe tomorrow. I'm unclear where I can legally fly in Denver. What are good options, if I'm not a part of a club? Thanks, and I look forward to talking with you all. Butch
  2. Sparky0730

    Greeting from Littleton, Colorado

    Hi Everyone! My Mavic landed a week ago today and I LOVE it! Hope to get out this weekend and start shooting more than just the neighborhood. Anyone have any good spots that are Dog and Drone friendly?
  3. T

    2nd video edit!

    second video edit. Getting better at flying! was flying out on the west side of Denver Colorado. just got to find some place with some good music to put on these video! And suggestioins? recorded @2.7k 30 fps no color correction.
  4. APD FPV

    APD FPV.. 2nd Largest Drone Racing Chapter in the US!!

    When in Denver..... Come fly with us. APD FPV has over 183 members that enjoy flying and racing all types of RC.. We fly almost every weekend thru out the year... For more information please check out our chapter here: MultiGP - Chapters - Aurora/Parker/Denver FPV Rotorcross