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  1. BenCathro

    RAD mountain bike edit with Mavic Pro (active track)

    I used my Mavic Pro, GoPro 3+ black, Feiyu Tech WG Gimbal and GoPro 5 black to shoot a self made edit in 1 day. Really happy with how it all turned out! Settings I used (firmware update defaulted the camera to settings I wouldn't normally use resulting in not ideal footage): 1080p 30fps -1-1-1...
  2. J

    Battery Error causes crash

    Hey guys I had an issue 25.01.2017 I would like you to look at and give me your views. I have startet a warranty claim with DJI Support and their initial response is 'Pilot fault, no warranty.' ‘’ 【Flight control file fly30】 1)Aircraft worked at gps mode mostly in flight. 2)Pilot pushed...