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  1. cgmaxed

    A new look at the Gatwick Airport U.K. Drone Debacle; What they should have done.

    I'll get straight to my point. THEY SPENT 800,000 POUNDS !! Just to investigate drone sightings that were unverified. It's the 800,000 pounds that perplexes me. Instead of running around spending money on an investigation, THEY COULD HAVE BOUGHT AND INSTALLED A HIGH END DRONE DETECTION SYSTEM...
  2. I

    Drone Hero of the week... sometimes you just need to say no...

    Mad week for Drones in the UK, which I'm sure the shock waves will be felt around the world. So far, 2 international airports shut down on the apparent "sightings" of a drone. With all the CCTV, tech and high cost drone detection systems shipped in between Christmas & New Year without any...