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  1. DarthSLR

    Question: how to *NOT* RTH?

    I would like my AC (Mavic 2 Pro) to NOT record RTH, and hence do not warn me when it thinks it went too far away and now needs to return back. The general low battery warning should suffice. The problem I'm having right now is that when I hike (and use Active Tracking), I may end up 1-1.5 miles...
  2. C

    Getting a lot of no fly zones

    Hi, Does anybody know how to bypass or disable the no fly zone? Cause I used to fly in my large backyard a lot, but today when I turned it on to fly I got the no fly zone and I couldn’t take off? Any suggestions how to do this?
  3. FlightClub

    Fix Controller Buzzer in 10 Minutes "Easy"

    I have an easy fix for the Mavic Pro Controller Buzzer, "FlightClub Easy Fix". If you hate the annoying Controller Beeping when you enable RTH on the Mavic Pro Controller I can give you a solution to make it an adjustable volume or completely disable it. Late last night, I performed the...