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  1. D

    Airplane disconnected my rc signal??

    Hi guys, i was flying at an attraction site where there was a small airport just about 30 kms away. Above me every 5 mins there would be a small plane that flys by. Plane is about id say 900-1000 meters above. I was flying at around 50meters high. My dji app went black screen and i was still...
  2. T

    1st lost connection issue question

    Half a mile out from my driveway, I hit the "home" button. RC asks if I want to come home, "yes"! RC disconnects and the voice over says "landing"! OMG, my heart stopped. I'm over I-83 in Baltimore County, Maryland. I tried 3X to abort the Home (which has now turned into landing on the highway...
  3. cag_tc

    L shaped Data cable replacement

    Hi, has anyone tried this L shaped data cable on Mavic? KUCIPA “L” Shape Design USB Quick Charger Data Sync Cable For iPhone 6S 6S 5S 5C | eBay I have the link from a post in dji forum, but nobody specified if it works or not. I have been getting disconnected from the app lately and it...