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disconnected dji go app mavic

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    Mavic air lost connection and crash

    Hi all, first of all I want to introduce myself, I'm from Spain and a completly noob with Drones. In January I bought a Mavic Air and I did some flights with no big issues, everything was fine until this weekend. I was flying it until suddenly it lost connection to the remote/dji go, it was...
  2. V

    Mavic 2 pro disconnected

    hi everybody, I bought 3 days a go a M2P... firstly i could link my Ac with Rc and dji go4 works well... but its changes.. and now its impossible... Ac and Ec connect well, i can use the drone with rc but the phone dont work in dji app, and appear”disconnected” I try everything, disconect the...
  3. D

    DJI GO app disconnects every video

    Since the notorious firmware update .900 I have a lot of trouble. Currently trying to fly in Croatia... In 80% of the flights I get a "disconnected" message (next to the dji logo in the upper left corner) all data is N/A and no video. I still can control the Mavic with my remote, but its scary...