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  1. M

    Mavic disconnection

    I ws 500m out and with 3 bars on the RC still showing, the phone said aircraft disconnected. I switched off phone and restarted it and the app and only then did RTH begin, is this normal? Thanks.
  2. timesnaps

    Loss of Connection

    Hi all, had my first real issue, and although happy to day the bird is still with me and ok, it was not fun. So I want to get to the bottom of this and find out what happened. Here is a description of events (I will try and find a link to the log file to include as well, forgot how to do it..)...
  3. S

    Remote disconnects every few minutes

    Hey all, Latest FW (.700) (but also happened in .600). Latest iOS app. iPhone 7 plus. After connecting everything the mavic disconnects from the remote for about 1-2 seconds every ~3 minutes. The disconnection also happens when the mavic is on the ground. While flying it triggers RTH. I tried...