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Mar 14, 2017
somewhere above you
Hi all, had my first real issue, and although happy to day the bird is still with me and ok, it was not fun. So I want to get to the bottom of this and find out what happened. Here is a description of events (I will try and find a link to the log file to include as well, forgot how to do it..)

Started with full batteries on controller and craft from my roof, about 20m above sea level, next to the ocean at sunset. Flying out into the sunset (sun already below horizon) and with optical sensors off. I believe the bird was in Sports mode - normally fly it in P instead.

After getting out to about 1.7km at altitude of around 100m I got a red error, saying Aircraft Disconnected. I was at about 4min from RTH point there. So I quit the app, and re-opened it on Android. Didn't help. I tried pressing the RTH, but with the craft disconnected, that of course wouldn't work. So I just stood there feeling sad, hoping that the return to home would be a success and it would make it back in time, across the ocean.

10min later I heard the most beautiful sounds of four rotors above! But the controller would still not connect, even when I saw it about 50m above me. It landed itself, but I want to know what happened. Could be something to do with this:

GPS signal loss ATTI mode

I think it was the first time I used Sports Mode, and not having noticed, I must have gone full throttle for about 4-7min out over the ocean.
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