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sport mode

  1. C

    BUG: Mini 2 Gimbal Tilt Issues in Sport Mode

    Has anyone had issues with the gimbal in sport mode? It regularly tilts downwards itself but also more frustrating is when banking left or right the gimbal doesn't level with the horizon and instead tilts on an angle left or right depending which way I'm banking. It's not a constant issue but...
  2. M

    Noob messing up my first flight in sports mode... (MP)

    With about 3 flying sessions under my belt I was trying out sports mode for the first time. While flying back, the DJI app crashed and with my lack of experience I looked down at my screen rather than watching the aircraft. All while holding the stick fully forward at 100%... Yeah I...
  3. M

    Need More Performance Data for MA

    No doubt you have to factor headwind/tailwind into your planning for a flight, and plan to land with a reserve. However, there’s another thing to consider: should you fly in Normal or Sport Mode? If you have a headwind that is half of your max speed in Normal Mode, wouldn’t you be better off...
  4. T

    Mavic Air vs Pro for Sport Flying

    New to the forums here. I currently own a P4 standard and a Spark. Oh'. and the DJI Goggles as well. I have been researching and reading a lot of comparisons between the Mavic Pro, Platinum and Mavic Air. I feel I am very up to speed on the differences and pros/cons of each so I would prefer...
  5. B

    Mavic Air Sport Mode Hard Braking

    Hello! I am new to this group and have a couple questions regarding my Mavic Air. I recently upgraded from a phantom 3 advanced I’ve been flying for about two years now. I decided to give sport mode a try the other day and I was impressed by the speed that he Air could travel at but I was a bit...
  6. JoostGT3

    Chasing a windsurfer... SPORTS mode required!!!

    So last weekend, I went windsurfing with a friend of mine on the local lake. After a while I got tired and returned to shore, and decided to get the Mavic Pro out to film my friend. Winds were a bit gusty. Not enough to make flying worrysome, but it made it a hell of a lot harder to follow my...
  7. P

    Can you switch between sport & standard mode during flight?

    Hi, I've just been doing a bunch of flying the past 3 months in the Solomon Islands. Most flying over water and sometimes long transits of 1-3 km to reach the destination before getting down to the job of photographing. This led me to thinking about Sport Mode - which I have never used. I'm...
  8. FlySafeUAS

    Sport Mode is your friend

    To make a long story short, I was taking a pano shot with Mavic Air. (this gives awesome results IMO.) The location is a small river through the woods. Sun light filtering through the limbs. Nice mini rapids for the photos with light reflections all over. So, after getting the mavic air over...
  9. D

    Why inceased power consumption upwind?

    Does anyone know why the power consumption in sport mode at full speed is about 15% higher (from radar readings) when going upwind vs no wind at all, even though the tilt angle is the same at the maximum tilt angle of 35°? Using the moving slab of air concept shouldn't the power consumption be...
  10. J

    A question about Sport mode & battery efficiency

    Is sport mode more or less battery efficient than Normal mode. Say I'm going 200 feet Distance at full speed, same wind conditions. which mode uses more battery?
  11. timesnaps

    Loss of Connection

    Hi all, had my first real issue, and although happy to day the bird is still with me and ok, it was not fun. So I want to get to the bottom of this and find out what happened. Here is a description of events (I will try and find a link to the log file to include as well, forgot how to do it..)...
  12. TrayBoz

    Return To Home questions

    I don't use, RTH, I just land manually. I tested it once long ago just to make sure it works and be familiar with it. For those of you who have used it a lot: Does RTH work exactly the same in Sport mode as in P-Mode? If you do RTH in while in Sport mode, does it fly home any faster? Does...
  13. Pegasus1

    Can't take off in PrecisionFlight

    Decided to give PrecisionFlight a try and learn about mapping. Mavic is supported. Initially I couldn't get the PF app to connect to the remote, but problem fixed by clearing app defaults. Now I have a new issue. I loaded a short flight plan and clicked Fly, plan uploaded to the drone, then...
  14. heo3480

    Mavic Pro Sport Mode MAX Speed Test

    I have been out fooling around with Mavic on full throttle in Sport mode. This video documents the result and will at the same time show how to enable Sport mode in case you don't know. How fast have you pushed your Mavic?
  15. flyNfrank

    Sport Mode Power Bar

    I don't know if this is new or not, I just saw it today after switching into Sport Mode to fight some strong head winds. I really like this feature! While flying I used it as tool and a guide at the same time. I searched the 3 most common websites for the Mavic Pro and was NOT able to find...
  16. Red_Raven

    Battery:Overcurrent During Discharge <--- true meaning ?

    Ive hat this error message "Battery:Overcurrent During Discharge" in 3 flights the last 24 hours, all of witch i was flying in sports mode. What is this and what does it meen? Do i need to have any worries about it? healthydrones shows the error as yellow, I would figure it'll be red if critical ?
  17. H

    Mavic lost video, maps and gps 1500 ft away

    Hi , I was flying in a park today and decided to go over a gorge to do some aerial shots of the road bridge. I flew up over the trees and headed to the gorge, when the mavic got there (around 1500ft away) the maps on my iPhone disappeared and the video feed cut out. On the controller I didn't...
  18. Viper

    Mavic Movie Silent Island

  19. J

    In Sport mode and obstacle avoidance during RTH

    I have a hypothetical scenario I wasn't able to find a clear answer for in the manual, or by googling. 1. On the Mavic, the Forward Vision System is Enabled and your RTH Altitude is set to 30 meter/100 feet ( yes, low) 2. You're goofing around in Sport Mode in an urban area. (Forward/downward...
  20. N

    Shakey camera in sport mode - normal or something I can fix?

    Hi all Sorry for my various posts looking for help.. I think I've 'almost' got everything to do with my Mavic figured out, but there's a couple more things I want to sort out. The first is this: When I fly full out in sports mode, there's a bump that occurs during filming. Well, there's a...