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Can you switch between sport & standard mode during flight?


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Mar 3, 2018
Hi, I've just been doing a bunch of flying the past 3 months in the Solomon Islands. Most flying over water and sometimes long transits of 1-3 km to reach the destination before getting down to the job of photographing.

This led me to thinking about Sport Mode - which I have never used.

I'm curious if makes any sense to use Sport Mode to cover long transits faster, and if it's possible to then when reached the destination and want to work, can you switch back to Standard for photography?

I don't know if its even possible to switch between the 2 modes during flight? I've watched a bunch of YouTube clips about Sport Mode, but haven't come upon any example of this. Only switching to Sport BEFORE flying and staying in that mode for the duration of flight - which leads me to assume switching between the 2 in the air isn't feasible.

Another scenario I'm wondering if Sport Mode would assist with; I was taking a video flying along a sea cliff. Tail wind of about 15 - 20 knots. When I turned around to fly home into the wind my Mavic was creeping along at only 10 kmph! All good, no rush... however as the machine crept slowly home and the battery inexorably got lower and lower... I got a bit nervous realising I hadn't taken enough consideration of the head wind to return and had factored more by distance. Would Sport help in that scenario? I'm assuming perhaps not, because while the air speed wold have increased, the energy consumed and battery life no doubt also risen proportionately?

Anyway, all food for thought and luckily in the later example I got the drone back with enough power remaining and gained a valuable lesson about factoring for head wind.

If anyone has some insight into using Sport More in such applications I'd be grateful.

Thanks and good flying. Wade
yes, Switch is on the side of the RC. Enable multiple flight modes in the DJI go 4 app,
You can freely switch in and out of sport mode while in flight.
Many thanks for this info. I'm now practicing with Sport Mode.
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