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Chasing a windsurfer... SPORTS mode required!!!


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Apr 11, 2017
So last weekend, I went windsurfing with a friend of mine on the local lake. After a while I got tired and returned to shore, and decided to get the Mavic Pro out to film my friend.

Winds were a bit gusty. Not enough to make flying worrysome, but it made it a hell of a lot harder to follow my friend on his board!

IT was sooo scare every now and then, flying low and fast -sportsmode was definitely required to keep up with my friend- and also trying to keep the camera moving fluently!

On the other hand, the reward was huge, as I managed to take some very spectacular shots. My mate was quite impressed as well, as he had never seen any footage of himself moving at speed from so close... What do you think? Mission accomplished?

Great and nice controle, looked a close thing at 1:49
Thanks Colin!
Ahm... I have to admit it was a bit too close to comfort for me! It was really fast-paced, and then my buddy altered his course a bit towards me, which made it REAL close! :oops:
So here it is, Zen Sessions Vol. II !!!
Joined my buddies to a post work windsurfing session. The winds were a bit disappointing, and there were way too many kite surfers for me to have a relaxed flight, but I managed to take some nice shots and edited it into a movie.

The location is the Brouwersdam, one of the big dams that together form the "Deltaworks", the famous system of dams that protect the Netherlands from flooding.

Hope you'll all like it, and when you need some tips or have some feedback, I'd appreciate it!

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After a year of not windsurfing for me, I finally joined my friend again last weekend on a day with winds that were nice enough for windsurfing, but not so scary that I didn't dare to fly the drone anymore. Forgot to bring the FPV, so I all aerial footage shot with my trusted Mavic 2 Pro. Wow, I do still love flying that bird! After I got the FPV, I thought I would get bored with flying the Mavic quickly, but it's still so much fun. Much more silent and more effortless to fly and suited for a different purpose than the FPV. I'd love to film my buddy with the FPV though when going out windsurfing... should be fun!

Anyway, without further ado, here's the movie, I hope you like it and considder liking/subbing of course! ;-)
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