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  1. E

    Using Mini 4 for Real estate photo/video

    Hello, just wondering if anybody uses the Mini 4 for Real Estate photography/video? If so, in what way is it used? I am a real estate photograpger living up in Ontario Canada, and thinking of using it to take some basic aerial shots of houses while I do my regular virtual tours. Thinking it...
  2. C

    Mini 3 Pro at Everest Base Camp

    Hi everyone. I know that the Mavic 3 has done Everest, and the National Geographic team did some extraordinary scenes & shots in recent times. Was wondering that the opinion of folks here on using a Mini 3 Pro, given proper local-authorities permits and permissions: Would function at high...
  3. S

    Mini 3 ICELAND - DJI MINI PRO 3 - Did it pass the high wind test?

    Hi everyone, I'm pleased to present to you my first film with the Mini pro 3, it has been such a thrill flying it last week - I'm impressed by the output for such a small drone. It held pretty well the harsh wind of Iceland - Not all the time but most of it :) Hope you'll enjoy it.
  4. Henchula

    DJI mini 3 wind question.

    Hi, I read on its manual that it can fly in 38km max wind, I wouldn't do that, but I was just told that I shouldn't fly it past 17km max wind since it can ruin its motor and its batteries. Is that true? If one flies his drone in... 20, 30 km wind, will it ruin the mini 3 pro motors and...
  5. stevie gee

    Windiest City in the Nation

    Amarillo Texas is one of the 3 top windiest cities in the nation. When I moved here I couldn’t find one drone club. Then I called the city to ask about local laws. None. They acted like they didn’t know what I was talking about. Reality sinks in. Now I have an app called which pretty...
  6. Steve F

    Air 2 Winter flight along the Sierra divide

    Thought I would share a flight captured flying along the divide of the Sierra Nevada peaks along the Echo Lakes basin during the winter. I had some strong winds on the ridge that buffeted the MA2 drone during the ascent of what is called Flagpole Peak at 2:50 - 3:13. My original plan was...
  7. Patrick Bergeron

    My Mavic Mini was blown away by strong wind - Need to repair

    Hello everyone, My mavic mini was blown away by strong winds and hit a branch and fell 3 meters from the river. You can see the detail in this video. I lost the connection at 1:34 and it hit the branch at 3:34. I was lucky that the drone did not strike any vehicles or buildings or run in the...
  8. S

    Did it Crash land or Auto-Land

    Hi all, New to the forums (found by googling related things to the events that occurred today) - sorry for the long-winded post! Well, today (like other days I decided to fly the mini) was low wind, nice sunny day. I decided to take off from a coastal town lookout, the lookout was higher than...
  9. B

    Lost mini in wind - 100% my fault!!

    Hi all, Last Sunday I used my drone to take a lovely pic of my daughters and I outside our house. It was very windy that day but, stupid old me, decided to gain some altitude and try to take a better pic. Long story cut short, I lost signal and never regained it. I have attached below a...
  10. T

    Can MM measure wind speed and its direction ?

    Hi, I understand that blowaways are one of most common causes for drone loss, and flying in windy days must be very careful, that’s why pilots gets high wind warnings :). However, my experience is that those messages starts to pop up even with winds like 3m/s (according to UAV tool), which is...
  11. E90RAW


    First I will start out that this was COMPLETELY my fault. That said, I was at the beach recently, winds on the ground at 10-15MPH from the east, This was the speed up to 1000 feet. I had looked up the data and knew this ahead of time. Utilizing all the lessons from other pilots here(except for...
  12. S

    Wind Warning & Sudden Crash

    I saw a red wind warning this afternoon, advising me to land my Mavic Pro 2. I was in tripod mode and the drone was sat idling at about 20ft. I lowered the drone slightly and let it sit for about 30 seconds to see how the wind was affecting it. Suddenly the noise of the drone changed, as if one...
  13. enodog

    Can anyone tell me what went wrong?

    Hello, I was flying today in very light wind and my drone went crazy at 2 times during the short flight. The flight logs are attached does anyone know what went wrong? Luckily my 4 years of drone experience took over and i was able to land without a scratch but it was scary. -Liam M. (enodog)...
  14. marcojr

    Windsurf south of Italy

    Hi all, here you can see a footage shot with my Mavic 2 Pro close to my house in the Mediterranean, Apulia, Italy. I would like to share my feelings with you, In my opinion the M2 Pro reacted amazingly in the strong wind, there were around 25-28 knots and the stabilizer worked perfectly. I have...
  15. J

    MA drifting in little wind

    Hey guys, just a quick question. Got my new Mavic Air via DJI Care and all great until I noticed something this afternoon. Not sure if it is just me being overly picky or whether it is an issue. I was flying above my house at 40m and I noticed the drone turning in the wind without me touching...
  16. Wipazz

    High Wind Velocity Land ASAP

    Hi All, Every now and again i get a "RED" warning message saying "High Wind Velocity Land ASAP" just wondering if i should just ignore this? The Mavic doesn't really seem to be uneasy tho, i see it move a little bit but nothing crazy. does this mean that its passing its 10 m/s limit? Some advice...
  17. JoostGT3

    Chasing a windsurfer... SPORTS mode required!!!

    So last weekend, I went windsurfing with a friend of mine on the local lake. After a while I got tired and returned to shore, and decided to get the Mavic Pro out to film my friend. Winds were a bit gusty. Not enough to make flying worrysome, but it made it a hell of a lot harder to follow my...
  18. P

    Thanks for all of the advice and experience! Prevent a wind-induced fly-away!

    I just wanted to drop in and say thanks to everyone for all of the advice and experience they freely hand out in these forums. I got my MP about a month ago and fly a couple of times a week - all local to my neighborhood. I don't take great photos and I don't put together good video - yet -...
  19. D

    Why inceased power consumption upwind?

    Does anyone know why the power consumption in sport mode at full speed is about 15% higher (from radar readings) when going upwind vs no wind at all, even though the tilt angle is the same at the maximum tilt angle of 35°? Using the moving slab of air concept shouldn't the power consumption be...
  20. M

    25 MPH winds in Cancun

    Above is video I took in Cancun, Mexico last week with winds at 25 mph. I was impressed with how well the Mavic Pro handled in the high winds. I love my Mavic!