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  1. c.oberschneider

    [DJI Mavic 2 Pro & Ronin S] - Drifting on Ice - BMW Winter Technic Drive in the Austrian Alps

    Short edit about the BMW Technic Drive event with BMW Mountain Ambassadors & Freeskiers Sandra Lahnsteiner & Roman Rohrmoser high up in the mountains of the Austrian Alps. Filmed with my Mavic 2 Pro, Ronin S (with a Sony A6300 & PZ18105G), and a GoPro Hero 7 Black & Karma Grip gimbal for the...
  2. CanyonRunVideos

    DJI Mavic 2 Pro at Huntington Beach Pier Fun

    Just a quick fun video clip with the DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone that was shot with a GoPro HERO 4 Black Edition camera. I plan to add some of the pier surfer's footage ripping up the waves that morning into this edit.
  3. D

    Samsung S9+ GPS Interference

    Hi guys, Have been using DJI Mavic Pro to film parts of sports trainings for about 6 months. Everything was working perfectly until I changed from iPhone 7 to Samsung S9+ about a month ago. Since changing over, the GPS trackers on some of the players are not being transmitted to their...
  4. JoostGT3

    Chasing a windsurfer... SPORTS mode required!!!

    So last weekend, I went windsurfing with a friend of mine on the local lake. After a while I got tired and returned to shore, and decided to get the Mavic Pro out to film my friend. Winds were a bit gusty. Not enough to make flying worrysome, but it made it a hell of a lot harder to follow my...
  5. P

    Thanks for all of the advice and experience! Prevent a wind-induced fly-away!

    I just wanted to drop in and say thanks to everyone for all of the advice and experience they freely hand out in these forums. I got my MP about a month ago and fly a couple of times a week - all local to my neighborhood. I don't take great photos and I don't put together good video - yet -...
  6. P

    Mavic Pro Platinum Atti Mode

    Hello from Ireland, Question: Can you switch to ATTI mode during flight..?? I think I probably know the answer because I have read up on all the information & it seems to point to NO So when flying into the wind in SPORT mode does it Automaticaly switch to ATTI mode. Thanks, Cheers,
  7. M

    Trying to learn film and editing

    Here's a video I just made. It's from Poland, Grudziadz. I know that some of the transitions are not in point but there is barely couple months of experience behind me, anyhow some advice and criticism are welcome:)
  8. D

    Video cutout in sport mode

    Anyone else having video cutout when in sport mode? Seems to have started with the most recent update. I can be 100 feet away in sport mode and the have severe lag. Switch back to normal and it goes away. It was pretty sunny yesterday so perhaps overheating?
  9. K

    Mavic new Pilot, Few problems and questions....

    Hello Everyone I'm obviously a new Mavic Pilot, and new on this forum and I have few questions and problem around it, I try to find my answer on this amazing website but I didn't : - I can not connect my Iphone with a regular Iphone cable via the classic usb under the remote, It will be perfect...