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mavic pro

  1. RTKD

    Cold Introspection

    Messing around with some old footage today, this was winter last year. I screwed one of the ramps up, it's really obvious to me now, but I don't think it's worth fixing for a little mess around piece. By the way, if you're looking for music I found @Eric Matyas here on the site, and he's got...
  2. DJI Ferrari

    Mavic Pro - Wifi?

    So I looked online and found mixed answers and Now I don't know what to believe, I also went to dji and their answer was just a bunch of numbers and other stuff I did not understand. I know the spark uses wifi and I am asking because I heard that some of the more advanced DJI UAVs use some other...
  3. DJI Ferrari

    Will it work

    So I have this light I got from amazon a year ago and it is a 60 LED 1800 luman diving light that to me weighs light as a feather, well ok, not that light obviously but like a coke can light, anyway it weighs 525 grams, now, my question is will it carry it and is it safe to fly with it, I know...
  4. K

    [SOLD] [UK/EU] Mavic Pro FlyMore Combo w/Extras

    I have put my bird on eBay NO reserve auction: Free UK shipping. EU shipping at cost but due to batteries & insurance it can be expensive. Collection / Demo welcome in London/Kew/TW9 area. DJI Mavic Pro Fly More Combo - NO RESERVE - 4K Camera Drone Max 3 hour usage 6958265138010 | eBay it is...
  5. A


    Hello everyone, I have Mavic Pro fly more combo now for more than a year. It is most of the time in my drawer, but when the weather is nice or I am shooting something commercially I really enjoy my flying. I am thinking about my investment and how it stays in my drawer most of the time, however...
  6. F

    FCC mode (help)

    I’m on IOS12 and running the modded 4.3.3 app(frida). Everything seems to be working e.g. boost, fcc in the app, but when I fly my mavic I’m still getting around 500m distance, just like I was on CE mode, any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  7. Sunshine Skyway Bridge Aerial Shot

    Sunshine Skyway Bridge Aerial Shot

    Aerial Shot of the Massive Skyway Bride in the Horizon! Stay Connected: https://www.facebook.com/Matt-Paul-Aerial-Photographer-2543515392333246
  8. thomashall1993

    $8000 drone vs $1000 drone at night photography

    I frequently shoot pictures of our state capitol since I live in it and was making some new attempts at creating photos of it under the 336 rules, so that when I go to the trouble of following the SOPs for our Daylight Waiver, I would not be wasting anyone's time. Our Capitol is in Class D...
  9. A

    Mavic Pro Flymore Combo For Sale

    Hi I have a "New" condition Mavic Pro Flymore combo for sale. It has been only unpacked and tested once. Everything is in perfect condition. I am planning to upgrade it to a Mavic 2 Pro and hence the sell. Firm price in USD 750. Preferably buyers in and around Phoenix, AZ are appreciated...
  10. G

    I filmed a Wedge Tail Eagle attacking my drone

    TOP * EAGLE In 2018, an Australian Wedge Tail Eagle took out my drone while filming "The Flinders" I was quick enough to film it. TOP * EAGLE Please like and subscribe to my channel: GKG Imaging
  11. M

    Mavic Pro - NEW - 3 batteries, extra props, 2 cases, accessories - Chicago pickup or ship anywhere - $855

    DJI Mavic Pro quadcopter drone, 3 batteries, extra props, and more, new in box! 
 The body, props, and 1 battery were just received from DJI as replacements, and are literally brand new in the box. I have not even attached the rotors or freed the gimbal. You can see the factory stickers on the...
  12. D

    Need help, camera shake with no explanations

    Here's a video i shot to further explain what my issue is with my drone. I've tried messing with auto focus by switching it to manual, I've calibrated the compass and it says my gimble is in normal function... I've been messing around with it and haven't found any answers on forums so here i...
  13. S

    ipad mini 4 with cellular but no cellular service

    I have read the discussions that say having a larger screen is great. I have a Note 8 and it works fine although it disconnects every once in a while.. I think because of the wire. But I want a larger screen. People seem to love the ipad mini 4 and I am considering a refurbished one to save...
  14. D

    MTB with MP (and GoPro)

    I wanted a mountain biking setup to allow my Mavic Pro to Active Track but also give quick and easy access to the controller. I’ve seen some YT vids where guys get AT happening and then put controller away in backpack etc. One of my preferred locations has occasional low flying helicopters and...
  15. X

    New firmware with Samsung S5 - Problems??

    I switched on my DJI Mavic and was prompted to update both my Mavic Pro and my DJI Go 4 firmware. DJI Go 4Update is requesting I update to version 4.1.18. I currently am running 4.1.15 - as I had problems with pixellation with my Samsung S5. And now the request to update Mavic firmware to...
  16. C

    Mavic Pro Emergency

    Hey everyone, I'm a Leaving Cert(IRISH A levels) student in Galway and one of the subjects I do is called Design and Communication Graphics. Each year there is a project worth 40% of the overall final mark. This year the project is to design a quad-copter drone. Most of the project is done...
  17. R

    Les Diablerets, Switzerland

    From our recent trip to Switzerland. Includes hand-held footage of the hotel and village.
  18. quantumvortex

    DIVE BOMBED FROM 400ft - because of an add-on

    So the unthinkable happened but my Pro went into a complete stukka like (with a right hand twist) DIVE BOMB WITH motors running because apparently the logs tell me MY LIGHT CUBES which were attached caused the ambient light sensor to completely LOSE IT. It was at night and I had both cubes set...
  19. John Pass Marina Fly Over

    John Pass Marina Fly Over

    I took this Aerial shot looking out into our beautiful Gulf Of Mexico on Madeira Beach, FL!