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mavic pro

  1. Rishu

    Mavic pro battery authentication failed after clear pf

    Hi all I have a brand new mavic pro battery which i received in dead condition . I cleared pf of that battery using ev2400 and bq evaluation sw . Battery got revived It started charging and powering on But when i plug this to drone It shows Battery authentication failed Please help
  2. B

    Pro That's what backwards sensor prevents.

    Hi folks, I’ve an old Mavic Pro (1) with only frontal sensors. A few days ago I was shooting on snow, and I took this shot. Since MP2, DJI have added/improved lateral and backward sensors, so this clip can’t be done whit these birds (without turning sensors off). Anyway, I think more sensors...
  3. C

    Mavic Pro DAT file retrieved with Assistant 2 does not contain DATs when extracted with ExtractDJI

    Hi, I'm fairly new here and I'm doing some experimenting with my Mavic Pro. I've been using Airdata CSV exports to analyze the flights, however I'm missing interesting variables like RPM, battery temperature and battery discharge current. Therefore I'm trying to get into the DAT files stored...
  4. J

    Grainy image

    Hello there, Any chance of advice please? My image looks grainy shooting with 4k on my Mavic Pro. I tried to change the shutter speed but still looks grainy. Any advice for the best settings ? Here is how it looks like. Cheers
  5. A

    Mavic Pro sticky gimbal

    I've had to poke at the gimbal ribbon on my Mavic Pro every once in a while to get the gimbal unstuck. Is this a known issue with Pros? I'm tempted to replace the gimbal ribbon but am leery of taking on such an intricate task. That said, would anyone know offhand the typical cost for a...
  6. R

    Drone Harmony gimble position is invalid error

    Mavic pro platinum Drone Harmony Mapping mission After 100 photos are taken the app reloads another section of the mission. At this point I get an error “waypoint gimble position is invalid” and I cannot resume the rest of the mission. Help!
  7. vsasolutions

    Mavic Pro with 5 Batteries and Extras - $700 or Best Offer

    Selling my Mavic Pro, which is in great condition, no damage and lots of extras. 5 batteries ND/Polarized Filters Charging Hub Extra Props Hard Case DJI Propeller Guards This drone has done me well, produced good results for customers, and has been a solid backup. Buyer pays shipping.
  8. iamchrisborg

    2 Pro High Tatras

    Hey guys, here is my latest vlog including some Mavic 2 Pro drone shots in the High Tatras mountains. The light was not the best but definitely an epic place to hike and drone :)
  9. Q

    Mavic Pro lost

    Hello! I lost connection to my drone for a while and it braked and hovered @ 60meters. Battery was at 19% at this point. I was just gonna RTH. This is the last known location in my flightlog. Then i gained connection with the RC but for some reason phone could not get connection so next actions...
  10. B

    Mavic mini 2 vs Mavic Pro

    Hey guys I currently am in the market for my first drone, I will be using the drone to take videos of landscape, ocean ect on my solo travelling journey. From what I have researched I am still very 50/50, i have heard the no tracking feature can be a deal breaker, is there any major differences...
  11. WildDoktor

    Mavic Pro Controller mod for big hands?

    I have pretty big hands (I wear a size 3x in gloves). I fly FPV with a Taranis X9d+, and I also fly an Autel XSP that has a large-ish controller. Both those controllers are "decent"; still not quite big enough for my hands, but doable. But this mavic pro controller? Yikes! It's like eating with...
  12. WildDoktor

    I had some unnerving gimble glitches failure?

    Have you seen this issue before? Any idea what causes it, and how to make it never happen again? It really drained my confidence and made for a nerve wracking rest of the flight. No fun! Problem? I am still new to the mavic pro (but not drones in general); looks like i have right around 5hrs /...
  13. J

    Terrible Exposure of Panorama

    I have had my Mavic Pro since it first came out, and have never quite got a decent panorama out of it. Whenever I shoot a panorama, the exposure goes all haywire, and the resulting image is pretty much unusable. Is there something I'm doing wrong, are there conditions under which a pano should...
  14. L

    Camera shaking

    Hi, I have a mavic pro, when I go to fly and get off the ground. I get a camera error and you can see the camera shaking. I'll land it, and do a camera calibration. Than seems to be ok. Until I got to fly again. Help. Thank you for any help.
  15. J


    Hey Guys, I fly a MAVIC AIR 2 . Now I use to own a MAVIC PRO 1 prior to this which had no issues with range. Now am flying in the same place with buildings and all. mavic air 2 won’t go further than 500m or less starts losing range. Especially when lowering to some place between houses. Is this...
  16. J

    Cable for iPad Air 4

    Hi everyone. I just bought an iPad Air 4 and need a cable to connec it to the controller. Already bought a common one USB C to USB A in a local computer store and it doesn’t work. Have anybody bought a cable that works on Amazon. Seems that it need to be charging and data transfer one but not...
  17. kimpanattoni

    Carbon Fiber ID and Tip Chips?

    Heya everyone, Kim here: I was wondering as I read all of the Carbon Fibre prop threads... My roomie's MP Platinum came with a set of what appear to be CF props, but I am not certain now as I read about all of the wraps and other misnomers regarding CF. I am posting this particular question...
  18. kimpanattoni

    Unlocking Mavic Pro axis?

    Heya everyone: Again forum-fu search not strong failure here. The Mavic Pro M1P has a 3 axis gimbal, and as I understand it, full control of this can only be achieved using goggles. This was the statement many years ago. What has changed since then -if anything has- to allow full control of it...
  19. mikey201

    Pro Mavic Pro Photos Resolution is too low to Print

    so i dont know if anyone has heard the site but you basically set up your own print shop.. now all the photos i put up there with my camera i can put at any size. 5x7 all the way up to 30 x 40. when i try to put a photo ive taken with my mavic on there the only size i can put is...
  20. kimpanattoni

    Greetings from SW Indiana!

    Hello, new member here from SW Indiana: New to drone piloting, though have flown other folks' RC craft such as RC airplanes in the past. Grew up with aviation at multiple air stations (military brat). I recently received a Mavic Pro MP1 and am really enjoying it. Have my recreational license...