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mavic pro

  1. S

    Mavic Pro self Folded and Crashed

    Hi, My Mavic pro crashed on the climbing process. However, the crash seems really weird as there's no obstacle on the way of my flight, the drone just started to spin itself and crash to ground. While checking the wreckage of the plan, I found that the right side arms of the drone are folded...
  2. F

    Phantom 3 Pro and Mavic Pro for sale

    I am considering selling my entire drone kit. Here's what I have: 1 Phantom 3 pro with 3 batteries, prop guards, DJI ND Filters, backpack carrying case. 1 DJI Mavic Pro with 3 batteries, hardside carry case, DJI ND Filters. Backpack for the Phantom has been customized to also hold the Mavic...
  3. C

    Not Quite New...Yet

    Hello everyone! I’m picking up my first ever drone soon, a Mavic Pro Platinum. I’ve drooled over this drone since it was released and finally convinced the Mrs. to allow me to buy one. I’m beyond excited to get out there and explore the capabilities of this drone and myself. Its awesome to see...
  4. T

    Istanbul - Transcontinental Sunset Flight Across the Bosphorus, Europe to Asia

    Hi All! I just joined this forum and would like to share my first video with you all. Feel free to offer any advice or tips and look forward to watching your videos! Make sure to subscribe and I will be happy to follow you on youtube and instagram to enjoy your videos as well! I took this...
  5. A

    Mavic Pro video weird vibrations

    I was flying my new Mavic Pro the other day and suddenly the video started shaking weirdly as shown in the video linked below. I checked the gimbal and it was unobstructed (but I still had the little sticker with the tab, could this be an issue?). The rubber thing (vibration plate) was properly...
  6. W

    New Zealand - Lake Wanaka & Mt. Aspiring National Park

    Finally put together a lot of video clips from the Wanaka area of New Zealand, taken in perfect weather with the Mavic Pro. The first couple of minutes are taken around the town of Wanaka, then along the lakeshore at Glendu Bay and up towards Mt. Aspiring National Park, and ending up at Dublin...
  7. V

    Fix Mavic Pro footage post edit

    I didn't realize I was recording with -2 sharpness, and now all my footage is super blurry... Is there any way to fix footage post edit that was recorded with -2 sharpness?
  8. F

    Mavic Pro - Specific Drone causes crashes in premiere

    Hoping someone here can help me with an issue that has been plaguing my workplace. We have a few mavic pros that my work uses for shooting real estate, and they all work fine when bringing footage in to premiere except for one Pro. One clip from this drone on every shoot causes premiere to...
  9. F

    Mavic Pro Camera is facing Down to Zenith

    Hi, my ribbon cable flex was damaged (without any crash) so i ordered a new one and changed it with various youtube videos. The classic "gimbal motor overload" message is not poping out now, but the camera is facing down looking at the zenith (-90° i guess) *the remote control is calibrated *i...
  10. D

    Drone Ship Filming - How to find them to film them!

    Drone Ship Filming Tutorial - Find ships with your phone to film with your drone! I enjoy this creating this stuff on my youtube channel hope its useful for you
  11. Paxoi (Loggos)-Antipaxoi

    Paxoi (Loggos)-Antipaxoi

    Paxi or Paxoi and Antipaxoi or Antipaxos (Greek: Παξοί και Αντίπαξοι, pronounced /pækˈsiː/ in English and [pɐˈksi] in Greek) is the smallest island group wit...
  12. Texas Mavic

    8 WATT 2.4ghz AMP/Booster $50 free ship

    Well just as the title says, it’s a very powerful booster. It’s bi directional meaning it works incredibly well on the left Mavic Pro/Platinum and Mavic Air because it matches the transmission and reception of the left antenna. Lots of information and examples of use here on the forum. I just...
  13. sludge

    Course Lock won't in Sports Mode (M1P)

    So my previous M1P on the most recent firmware allowed Sport Mode in Course Lock. The insurance replacement M1P with same firmware disables the intelligent flight mode called Course Lock as soon as I flip the switch. After some Googling I was not able to find any thing about this issue so hoped...
  14. S


    Using the Assistant 2 REMOTE UPGRADE after doing it like 3 times. still get the warning on RC "system warning” “check app" Update FIRMWARE on DRONE The drone fan was continuously on even when I turn drone off then on again can keep spinning and no reboot happened Then the screen says "Update...
  15. C

    Mavic Pro Gimbal tilts up on its own randomly - solutions? It's Out of Warranty.

    Problem: Gimbal tilts up by itself randomly even when sitting on my desk. Other than that it works as expected most of the time. It's just a bummer to have the gimbal tilt up in the middle of recording a shot that you then have to do over again hoping there will be no tilt. Was unit in a crash...
  16. P

    Remote Controller Shutdown Error

    The remote controller for my Mavic Pro has become erratic, likely after too much bouncing during off-road driving. It now takes ~5 minutes to shutdown every time. I'll shut it down normally and the LED screen will continue to say Shutdown for 5 mintues, during which time the controller doesn't...
  17. 951A7978-E6F9-45BE-B9AA-33956FB9DFFF.jpeg


    Satellite 🛰 view
  18. rbanzato

    Ricardo Banzato from Brazil

    Hello everybody, I own a Mavic Pro drone and use it basically to register solar projects at WA Solar. But I am trying to get the most out of Mavic now by offering georreferance jobs etc. Tks, Ricardo