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mavic pro

  1. E

    Mavic Pro (Series 1) propellor modification

    Hi All, I have a Mavic Pro series 1. I bought some low noise propellers(Platinum) for it. After about 10 flights I noticed that the tip was bent down. Probably from storage and still having a hot heat exchanger under the quad. I had watched a youtube video years ago from rcmodelreview about...
  2. 00TANK

    Where is spotlight?

    Hi all, I’m pretty new to flying and this is my first drone, so apologies if this is a really novice question. My problem is I can’t seem to find the spotlight option anymore in ActiveTrack. I know it’s been there before and I’ve used it several times. But now I can’t see it anywhere anymore...
  3. H

    Drone deploy flight logs

    I've just started using drone deploy on my Mavic Pro and am wondering if you can get flight records from these flights onto your DJI record so I know total time and distance flown. Amy help would be greatly appreciated
  4. B

    Bad Spam Drone X

    who doesn't get spam email all the time? Sure there are filters but they block good email at times. I've been getting recently for the "Drone X". I thought I would post this: Now what's funny about this is they are using the Mavic Pro as their image for the Drone X Pro!! The spam guys need to...
  5. V

    Most photografed México landmark

    One of the most modern mexico city streets
  6. S

    Gimble wobbling a lot

    Problem? Gimble Wobbling a lot - before and after take flight Was unit in a crash? No What have you tried so far? See if there is any problem in the gimbal itself, the fitting, and it seems ok, and i calibrated the gimbal on app What device are you using? iPhone 6 What firmware are you...
  7. davidzimagery

    Mavic February Video

    I've started making a video after the end of each month, using some of the takes from the month.
  8. Phantomrain.org

    Phantom Rain Releases the WET SUITS for the Original Mavic Pro

    Thanks to the countless Emails and support, we are announcing the release of the Wet Suits for the Original Mavic Pro: We kept to the same minimal guidelines and tests as we did with the Mavic 2 Zoom and the Mavic 2 Pro. It should be noted that we never intended to make the Wet Suits for any...
  9. jimlips

    Mavic Pro 1 "frame drop" problem

    My buddy ("sdold") is having a problem with his Mavic Pro. See this video, please, and pay attention about :13 into the video: You'll see what looks like a frame skip, where a frame is dropped. So far, he has tried the following: - Several SD cards - Different frame rates - It does it...
  10. mysticgnarwhal

    Road Trip from Ohio to California (and back)

    Hey all! After hours an hours of cutting my footage down, I finally finished my video from my wife and I's road trip to the west coast and back this past summer. It's not all drone shots, but I would appreciate if you would take a gander. This was a fun video to go back and edit, especially...
  11. Clouds 6 21 2018

    Clouds 6 21 2018

    1 minute video, shot with the Mavic Pro, no wind in the morning, amazing reflections of the sky and clouds.
  12. Phantomrain.org

    Phantom Rain - 26 minutes in the Rain ! Mavic 2 Series

    We never planned on making the Wet Suit for any of the Mavics . The Mavics were already so well engineered for all weather flying, we did not consider it until we got caught in the Rain and water had gotten into the Battery compartment after just 4 minutes of flying. This was so disappointing...
  13. S

    SOLD - DJI Mavic Pro Fly More Combo for Sale - $600 OBO

    Excellent condition Mavic Pro Fly More combo. 47 flights. Used for aerial photography but upgraded to Mavic Pro 2 so no need for this any more. Never been in any crash and never had a single problem with the craft. Super fun to fly and reliable in all conditions. Comes with the following: DJI...
  14. B

    Gimbal and camera not working after crash

    Hey there. So in December while filming in a city between buildings my Mavic Pro disconnected from the controller and hit a lamp post. Today I finally got around to try flying it. In spite of all the plastics being broken it flies fine. However the gimbal and camera are not working. After I turn...
  15. rossmoney

    Why 2.7K is the best. (for me)

    Hey All! Here is a quick Apple based visual aid of their resolutions including the Mavic Pro and the Mavic 2 Pro. Highlighted in red are the ones I use most frequently. I film in 2.7k because I rarely crop my footage. Also, it saves SO much space shooting in a lower resolution. As most...
  16. V

    World’s most innovative high rise - 2018

    The office building Torre Reforma in Mexico City has won the prize for the world’s most innovative high rise awarded by the Deutsches Architekturmuseum (DAM). One of the world’s most important architectural prizes for tall buildings, the International Highrise Award is presented every two years...
  17. R

    MPP Disconnecting from RC

    Hi All, I took my MPP out over the weekend for the second time with my new phone and while out , I had it disconnect from the RC two times but then it would reconnect. The display in the app would turn grey and I dont think I had any control of the aircraft My first time flying it with the new...
  18. WarrenJ

    Mavic Pro Platinum Low Noise Propellers will they work on a Mavic Pro?

    I have a Mavic Pro and I am wondering if the Mavic Pro Platinum Low Noise Propellers will work on my Mavic Pro? What propellers give the quitest noise level? Thanks Warren