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mavic pro

  1. 951A7978-E6F9-45BE-B9AA-33956FB9DFFF.jpeg


    Satellite 🛰 view
  2. rbanzato

    Ricardo Banzato from Brazil

    Hello everybody, I own a Mavic Pro drone and use it basically to register solar projects at WA Solar. But I am trying to get the most out of Mavic now by offering georreferance jobs etc. Tks, Ricardo
  3. Sani Beach - Sani Resort

    Sani Beach - Sani Resort

    A luxurious landscape stretching across fragrant pine forests, golden sands and crystal clear waters. This is the awe-inspiring thousand-acre natural backdro...
  4. D

    DJI Phantom 4 for trade for a DJI Mavic Pro

    I have a DJI Phantom 4 for trade for a DJI Mavic pro. I would need the mavic pro to have at least 2 batteries,carrying case, controller, gimbal cover, extra props, charging cable, and a multi charger (Depends on trade), If not a multi charger then the regular cable. My drone is like new and I...
  5. Texas Mavic

    Aircraft side amplification of the TX/RX Stock antenna

    Just got her put back together. Birdside amp mod. Just need to properly mount the amp power source. Probably hook and loop tape. Also I need to use an adhesive to make sure the open cable from the Mavic antenna that is coming out from under the left arm, is impossible to accidentally un attach...
  6. V

    Futuristic & Modern Soccer Stadium in Mexico

    Future host of the North America World Cup, one of the most modern soccer stadiums in Mexico
  7. Derlisz

    Ghost Town of Granadilla - Lost in time.

    This visually stunning little walled town has a very rich history over ages previously being a capital of its own region of Tierras de Granadilla and head of the judicial district. In 1950 the town was evacuated due to a newly built Gabriel y Galán reservoir. The water has never risen to a level...
  8. R

    Father & Son Time

    He's hooked...
  9. TheWolfen

    Papakolea Green Sand Beach

    Welcome to the magical Papakolea Green Sand Beach. One of only 4 green sand beaches in the world, this beautiful spot can be found near South Point on the Big Island of Hawaii. Its unique color comes from the high concentrations of the mineral Olivine in the surrounding eroded cinder cone. This...
  10. E

    Mavic Pro (Series 1) propellor modification

    Hi All, I have a Mavic Pro series 1. I bought some low noise propellers(Platinum) for it. After about 10 flights I noticed that the tip was bent down. Probably from storage and still having a hot heat exchanger under the quad. I had watched a youtube video years ago from rcmodelreview about...
  11. 00TANK

    Where is spotlight?

    Hi all, I’m pretty new to flying and this is my first drone, so apologies if this is a really novice question. My problem is I can’t seem to find the spotlight option anymore in ActiveTrack. I know it’s been there before and I’ve used it several times. But now I can’t see it anywhere anymore...
  12. H

    Drone deploy flight logs

    I've just started using drone deploy on my Mavic Pro and am wondering if you can get flight records from these flights onto your DJI record so I know total time and distance flown. Amy help would be greatly appreciated
  13. B

    Bad Spam Drone X

    who doesn't get spam email all the time? Sure there are filters but they block good email at times. I've been getting recently for the "Drone X". I thought I would post this: Now what's funny about this is they are using the Mavic Pro as their image for the Drone X Pro!! The spam guys need to...
  14. V

    Most photografed México landmark

    One of the most modern mexico city streets
  15. S

    Gimble wobbling a lot

    Problem? Gimble Wobbling a lot - before and after take flight Was unit in a crash? No What have you tried so far? See if there is any problem in the gimbal itself, the fitting, and it seems ok, and i calibrated the gimbal on app What device are you using? iPhone 6 What firmware are you...
  16. davidzimagery

    Mavic February Video

    I've started making a video after the end of each month, using some of the takes from the month.
  17. Phantomrain.org

    Phantom Rain Releases the WET SUITS for the Original Mavic Pro

    Thanks to the countless Emails and support, we are announcing the release of the Wet Suits for the Original Mavic Pro: We kept to the same minimal guidelines and tests as we did with the Mavic 2 Zoom and the Mavic 2 Pro. It should be noted that we never intended to make the Wet Suits for any...
  18. jimlips

    Mavic Pro 1 "frame drop" problem

    My buddy ("sdold") is having a problem with his Mavic Pro. See this video, please, and pay attention about :13 into the video: You'll see what looks like a frame skip, where a frame is dropped. So far, he has tried the following: - Several SD cards - Different frame rates - It does it...