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mavic pro

  1. Vilco

    Mavic Pro Fly More Combo in Italy, 520 euros

    Hi, I'm selling my Mavic Pro fly more combo in Italy, I'm located in Bibbiano (RE) Ciao, vendo il mio Mavic Pro fly more combo in Italia, sono a Bibbiano (RE)
  2. kimpanattoni

    Carbon Fiber ID and Tip Chips?

    Heya everyone, Kim here: I was wondering as I read all of the Carbon Fibre prop threads... My roomie's MP Platinum came with a set of what appear to be CF props, but I am not certain now as I read about all of the wraps and other misnomers regarding CF. I am posting this particular question...
  3. kimpanattoni

    Unlocking Mavic Pro axis?

    Heya everyone: Again forum-fu search not strong failure here. The Mavic Pro M1P has a 3 axis gimbal, and as I understand it, full control of this can only be achieved using goggles. This was the statement many years ago. What has changed since then -if anything has- to allow full control of it...
  4. mikey201

    Pro Mavic Pro Photos Resolution is too low to Print

    so i dont know if anyone has heard the site Darkroom.tech but you basically set up your own print shop.. now all the photos i put up there with my camera i can put at any size. 5x7 all the way up to 30 x 40. when i try to put a photo ive taken with my mavic on there the only size i can put is...
  5. kimpanattoni

    Greetings from SW Indiana!

    Hello, new member here from SW Indiana: New to drone piloting, though have flown other folks' RC craft such as RC airplanes in the past. Grew up with aviation at multiple air stations (military brat). I recently received a Mavic Pro MP1 and am really enjoying it. Have my recreational license...
  6. remotepilot

    *NO LONGER AVAILABLE* 5 Batteries + Charger + 6 Filters + 8 Props - (low hours of flight time)

    $850 +16.00 shipping = $866 (reasonable offers accepted) Mavic Pro Drone (UAV uSAS) Remote Controller 5 Intelligent Flight Batteries PolarPro Cinema Series Filters 4 Pair additional Propellors Charging hub for 4 Batteries & original charger Charging cord Complete set of propellor guards (not...
  7. M

    How do I get this prop back on?

    Hey all, a few months ago I crashed my drone into a tree branch (fairly light crash, just got stuck then used a pool scooper to pull it down). The props got a bit cracked up so I have been replacing them now that lockdown is easing and want to fly again - but I can only get 3 props on. The...
  8. britm3

    Sold: $550 DJI Mavic Pro, Hardcase, 3 Batteries, low flight time

    DJI Mavic Pro $550 + Shipping - Great condition with all original accessories, packaging and extras - Low flight time with 27 charge cycles across the three batteries - Controller with guard - 3 batteries with charging hub - No crashes - 6 original new rotor blades - Additional DJI low noise...
  9. G

    Mavic pro abnormal gimbal vibration-motor overload

    Mavic pro abnormal gimbal vibration with gimbal motor overload errors. Ribbon cable has been replaced, gimbal calibrates correctly but I still get the abnormal vibration. Seems to happen every 10 to 17 seconds. See video, how do I fix this? The video is of drone turned on only, just...
  10. BikerGeek

    SOLD Mavic Pro with Apache Hard Case and Goggles

    Selling my Mavic Pro Kit which includes: 1. Mavic Pro with quiet props from Mavic Platinum (stock props too) 2. 3 Batteries 3. Upgraded Charger - Will charge all 3 at once 4. 4 filters including Polarizing filter 5. DJI Goggles with carrying case. 6. Apache Hard Case for the drone...
  11. A

    Just bought my mavic pro

    Hi there I'm new to drones and to this forum so nice to meet you! I've bought a used mavic pro with extras(fly more combo) for £360/$486.85 still haven't received it, it's with Royal mail but just want to know what the first thing to do in order to set up the mavic pro and is there any hacks I...
  12. Karlo De Pro

    DJI Mini 2 VS Mavic PRO // Should I upgrade? (camera, regulations)

    Dear Mavic pilots, I have just obtained my EU licenses for the OPEN category (A1,A2 and A3) and I am wondering if the DJI Mini 2 is a good upgrade for me. Currently I have a DJI Mavic Pro (first edition) I have 2 questions and hope some members have experience with both drones and can help me...
  13. M

    Pixel 5 cannot connect

    I'm hoping someone here can help me out. I've had my Mavic Pro for over 2 years now with more than 100 hours logged without much issue. About a month ago I got the Pixel 5 and just tried using the drone with it now but I can't get the phone to connect to the controller. The controller is still...
  14. C

    Crashed Mavic Pro in dense bush/jungle - please help! Flight log linked

    Hello, I crashed my DJI Mavic Pro this evening in a dense bush/jungle area after it hit a tree presumably. I wasn’t aware of the Find My Drone feature so I went looking for it by following the flight path on my iPhone but since it was getting very dark, I didn’t have any luck. I plan on going...
  15. MetalDetectingMichigan

    Pro River in my home town

    Took this photo of a river in my home town. Photo was taken with Mavic Pro
  16. steve2000

    dji assistant 2 V1.1.2. Win10

    Hello, dji assistant 2 V1.1.2. does not connect to Mavic Pro under Win10. V1.2.5 works... Any Ideas?
  17. R

    Mavic Pro speed in Litchi

    Did Litchi change the max speed or flight angle for the Mavic Pro recently? I used to get up to the advertised max of 54 km/h on waypoint missions. For the last cpl weeks at least, I've only managed to top out around 39 km/hr. I took my Spark out today and ran the same mission (took the 2nd half...
  18. W

    Video cutting off for half a second... Pls Help

    Hey! i have a problem that my Mavic pro video chops up in the middle of it. It does this for like half a second and then goes back to normal and i have no idea why. I have had the drone for a while now and have never seen this problem before. Under the recording it said that my chache was full...
  19. H

    Broken Front Arm Spring Mechanism

    I disassembled my Mavic Pro to fix the gimbal vibration mount and it went well. I reassembled it and noticed my left front arm was flaccid. So I took it apart again and tried to reassemble the spring mechanism but couldn't do it. I think I may have broken it during the repair. Here's photo. Is...
  20. A

    Mavic starts, goes higher and higher --> crash

    Problem? Mavic starts, goes up and up.... after around 10-20 meters altitude the pilot pressed throttle down. The mavic turned off.... Was unit in a crash? What have you tried so far? The Pilot had this before, then the pilot had to change a arm, and it was enough for one flight. When the...