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  • I live in Michigan and with winter coming I’d like to get some snow shots and footage with my Air 2. Are wetsuits good in snow.
    Hi Kalimah, send you a PM , will set you up nicely .. Thank you.
    Hey, I'm interested in the Lunar Landing Pad - Mavic Series (Mavic 3 and RC Pro,) color Purple. Let me know how much the total is and how to purchase it, and I'm ready to go. Thanks, Alvin Prather
    This might be a dumb question, but once the rain jacket is fitted, does it have to stay on the batteries and drone, or can it be removed and used only when raining?
    In case it is stupid, I'm asking for a friend :)
    Hey Coal, do you do a wetsuit for the Mavic Enterprise Dual/Advanced series? Thanks
    Yes we do make a specific Wet Suit With the Cut out and USB protection for the Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual. its $ 94.95 let me have your Email and what Color and the Forum Members get some extra perks : So you will get # 3 Air tight Battery Covers in black and # 3 Power Button Seals if you need more let me know . Talk soon, Thank you so much for the support.
    Thank you for the quick service, glad your from the Buckeye State. Look forward to getting this on my Mav 2S once it arrives
    next week.
    Just ordered my mini 2. First drone ever. Really excited but have been pressed with the anxiety that outside circumstances may damage my investment. Looked through your site and immediately felt a lot of relief! Excited to order some goodies and have a bit more confidence in every way!
    I'm already blown away by your company. Your informative and helpful responses to my questions are beyond reproach. Even when I adjusted the order, you were quick and concise with the needed adjustments. Dont get me started on my appreciation of the Forum Package Deals. Best value on any accessory I've purchased! It's even arriving early! Today, I'M PRAYING FOR RAIN!! I'll post pics and video of them in action!
    Make sure you email for install video and notes. thank you the appreciations.
    Will do. I'll do that now, so I'll be ready for the install upon arrival. Just checked the forecast. The hurricane is going to push some rain our way. May get a flight in this afternoon.
    I'm finally placing my Wetsuit order today! Just wondering if the quad propeller sets are available yet, for purchase. I'm currently running a triple propeller setup on my Mini 2 and I'm looking to upgrade to your quads. Also, do you have a package price on the Forum deal, that includes both the Wetsuit, and resue jacket, as well as the propeller setup? Just thought I'd check before I make this purchase. Thank you.
    P.S.S. (lol)
    Can you please send me a link to the videos demonstrating the quad propeller attachments, in use, on the Mini 2? I viewed them here in the past, but I'm having issues tracking them down, this time. Thanks
    Didnt hear back so I went ahead and placed my wet suit order, only to find the answer to my question, afterward. You DO offer one. I fully intended to buy the COMPLETE rain jacket and rescue suit forum package, if I had known. Now, if I order it, I'll end up paying more. Smh. Oh well.
    Sorry I miss the notes on this Profile , Let me have your email so I know which order and will upgrade you to the Twilight package. Coal Nothing on the Props yet , Over Seas Manufacturing is going to take some time.
    I'd be interested in testing the quad prop mount for high altitude flights, if I understand the physics correctly they should be able to raise the operating ceiling for the min 2 to a point I can use it much more often. It would be a huge help!
    I am interested in your mini2 prop doubler. It puts 2 sets of props on the mini2 for a quieter operation. I am interested in trying it (even if its not fully tested yet). When i fly with my pontoons i get an motor overspeed message if its at all windy. I also have a grapple for my air2 and am working on a video of picking the mini on floats from a pond. I think it may help with this. Can i get one please? haha.
    Good Afternoon,
    I am interested in the FPV flight jacket, mostly for the impact resistance. Could you let me know how much a package is with the forum discount?
    Email: [email protected]

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    Sorry I never saw your post, Its $94.95 and you get all the 3 Color Designs and 3 Battery Seals plus shipping $ 9.95
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