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  • Interesting concept to offer more flying opportunities..... any ill effects reported like over-heating or signal degradation?
    How does the DJI smart controller for M2Z do operating exposed in the rain and snow ?
    Although the Smart Controller has done well in the Rain and the Snow we recommend you try to protect it from
    the Rain as much as possible. Keep in mind that we have tested it now on both the Mavic 2 Zoom and the Air 2 so the Smart controller is getting a lot of abuse in the rain but has not broken Were going to be adding a Protective cover for the SC
    with the Wet Suits Coming soon
    I have the Mavic 2 zoom. looking for a wet suit for winter usage. send info or link to [email protected]. Thank you for taking care of us in the Forum, it is appreciated
    Thank you, Sent you a personal email and invoice , thank you
    Thank you , I have decided to get the Wet Suit and try the jacket , can you send me an invoice.
    [email protected]
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    Fantastic, I saw your other post about adding the Purple Wet Suit and I do have some in stock so i will be glad to add that to your order since your getting both the Wet Suit and the Rescue Jacket. Sending invoice out now. Do you know what color Rescue Jacket ? email me at [email protected] Talk soon.
    Just checking your website, saw a few concerns that make it flag up.

    Email addresses everywhere formatted wrong, one has

    Footer hasn't been changed from example text so your phone no is1234567890.

    Your about section isn't filled in no responses 4 FAQs.
    product looks great but website is alarming so put me off placing an order. Also your copyright is for in 3 years time 🙄
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    New website just went up today, i expected some bumps and thanks for spotting them.
    Will take care of them ,, Thank you

    Dont place an order , we offer the Forum Member a really nice discount and package.
    Let me know what Drone you have and I will give you the inmformation. Thanks again steve.

    Hi. How do I see whats available for the Mavic 2 pro? Im interested as a save feature rather than deliberately landing on water

    We have a Rescue Jacket that lighter than the Sea Lander designed for the Mavic Pro , let me have your email address and
    I will send you out an Invoice for it. Just let me know what color / Neon Blue, Neon Purple / Black
    Inquiring about wetsuit. How to order? Color choices?
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    The Forum members get all the color designs. 3 Battery covers, and 3 Power button Seals.

    Let me have your Email address and i will send you out an invoice.
    Thank you
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    Thank you which drone do you need the Wet Suit package for ? do you have a favorite color you want extra part for ?
    SENd me link I want wet suit
    Fantastic , forum members get a nice package and discount , will send an invoice soon .
    Let me have an email for u ?
    I still need your email address for the Wet Suit invoice and Discounted Package.
    Just sent you an email, needing 15-20 rainsuits right now if they work
    Lol never saw this , They do work , we’re still going strong on the Mavic 2 ,

    keep me posted as we have posted over 100 flights now in the rain.
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