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  • Hi. How do I see whats available for the Mavic 2 pro? Im interested as a save feature rather than deliberately landing on water

    Inquiring about wetsuit. How to order? Color choices?
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    The Forum members get all the color designs. 3 Battery covers, and 3 Power button Seals.

    Let me have your Email address and i will send you out an invoice.
    Thank you
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    Thank you which drone do you need the Wet Suit package for ? do you have a favorite color you want extra part for ?
    SENd me link I want wet suit
    Fantastic , forum members get a nice package and discount , will send an invoice soon .
    Let me have an email for u ?
    I still need your email address for the Wet Suit invoice and Discounted Package.
    Just sent you an email, needing 15-20 rainsuits right now if they work
    Lol never saw this , They do work , we’re still going strong on the Mavic 2 ,

    keep me posted as we have posted over 100 flights now in the rain.
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