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Mavic mini lost to strong winds

Screenshot of FLY075.DAT files found on my phone attached
You’re correct. Those are from older flights. Thanks anyway
Of DJI drones, the original Mini is has the weakest performance fighting strong winds.
When caught by the wind, you made the mistake of taking it higher, which exposed it to stronger wind and made it less likely to get home.

To see if we can narrow down the search area, one problem was the wind speed was gusting and variable which makes the calcualtions only approximate.
It was blowing the drone further away at approx 2-7 mph while the drone was trying to get back to home.
The battery was running down at about 1% each 7.8 seconds.
If we consider a speed midway between 2-7 mph, that would give the drone about 280 seconds before it reached Critical Low Voltage and started to descend and the drone would have travelled an additional 1840 ft and still been blown something like 80 ft further during the descent.

From the last known position, that would put a good search area centre at 31.79946N 70.90805E.
I've marked this on the map, it's in fields east of Indus View Road.
The drone could be closer or further along and a little either side of the (approximate) line of drift.

Good Luck search
You’re correct. Those are from older flights. Thanks anyway
Ohhh, its me who owes you guys a thanks here. I wish i had stumnled upon this forum earlier. Its a very informative and helping community here.
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