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Mavic 3 Lands on the Lake 12 times ! From inside the Car : Landing Light Provides Recovery

One of the amazing Benefits of the Rescue Jacket is that if you Crash in the Water , or Force land in the Water , the Rescue Jacket will flip over and you can turn the Landing Light on , and it will stay on for hours if not the day . Super Nice , wait for dark and go find it.

Here are some more tests we did showing it in action.
Finding your drone has never been easier , that landing light can work in many ways.
Its ability to stay on for hours if not a full day very impressive

Gear to fly in the Rain. Crash in the Water and find your drone.
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Also, you can install firehouse lights under the rescue jacket. The new ARC is waterproof...Resistance.
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The Rescue jacket is designed to Float the Mavic 3 in the water , so you can remote take off again or just to go an pick it up if you have options .

However if you Crash from A bird Strike and the Rescue Jacket flips over this is when you can turn on the Landing Light and still find your drone, very cool .
You can also ad the Lights to the Rescue jacket as well.
Gear to fly in the Rain. Land on the Water.
Recently had a client Struggle with where to place the Mavic 3 on the Rescue Jacket . Of course it comes with
instructions but he did not view them.

After a few phone calls back and Fourth , I asked to see the pictures and Immediately realized what the client was doing wrong.


Each back leg locks into the split Divisions and locked into place with the strap, it only
takes a light pull for the Rescue Jacket to be secured and held into place.

The straps are easy to work with and can be used with gloves and takes only seconds.
can be a life saver in the heavy snow as well as saving your drone from the Depths.

The Gimbal sits atop the Rescue Jacket not below it.

Gear to fly your Mavic 3 in the Rain. Land on the water and or Snow !


The Rescue Jacket and Snow go together so nicely you can land anywhere . These are awesome Snow Shoes used in the Artic Cold Climates .
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The New Designs for the Mavic 3 which were Inspired by the New Mavic 3 Pro :

The idea was to add the Black as a Contrast to the Color to pop both on the ground and in the sky.










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Yes ! The Forum Members get thh Full Color Wet Suit in any color as well as some Extra Color Designs with the Mavic 3 Wet Suits Series plus # 3 battery Covers and liftime on the Parts.
Gear to fly in the Rain. Land on the Water.
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Lifetime is a great deal !!!!!
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